Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real education on real estates..

People and those belonging to this generation are more inclined to professional education than the ones that give them mere knowledge but no professional hands on approach. Also, we always look out for the best fields that can be relied on during tough times like the economic crisis the world economies are facing now. Hence, an education that provides the know how of professional edges to the people to deal with this biggest crisis is highly essential now and Nouveau Riche University has understood what the need of the hour is. The Nouveau Riche University provides the most fruitful knowledge about the real estate trends and the rules regarding this aspect of the business world. It is one of a kind educational institution that teaches the students about the DOs and DON'Ts of real estate business. For a beginner who needs to know everything related to real estate business thoroughly, Nouveau Riche University is the place to get started. The college offers a wide range of courses that enlighten the young minds to get a good grip on the real estate trends, the actual practices and techniques handled in the field to gain good experience and stay bright and successful in the real estate business. Most people who have stepped into the real estate business don't have proper technical knowledge about the business though they survive the race which is by virtue of sheer practical experiences. Hence, having all the required skills acquired through a renowned institution like Nouveau Riche University can always bring to you more advantages adding up to what you gain through practical experiences in the real estate business. So, if you are waiting to get a head start in the real estate business, you should first step into Nouveau Riche University.

Striking hard the strikers..

The nation has been witnessing the strong stands of the truck drivers and owners who refused to hit the gas few days back in an attempt to persuade the Indian Government to consider cutting down the diesel price and exempting these trucks and lorries from toll taxes. I understood how selfish and incorrigible these truck drivers and their supporting unions are for they want the Government not to burden them with these taxations but they don't mind if their burden is transferred to the people of the nation. I can't believe that these truck drivers are totally unaware of the fact that the Government turns its attention to the people to make up for what they lose to the truck drivers in the form of tax exemptions and fuel price cuts. For once, I am quite happy with the position Government has taken in this issue. It has thrown out statements, firm and strong in their depths, against the striking truck drivers and owners and has even gone to the extent of issuing charges against some of the Unions that have almost brought the nation to a standstill. When the Government that has all along been soft when it comes to terror and releasing the monotonous "We-condemn-this-act-of-terrorism" statement, stood strong against the literal menace of these mean truckers' union, the oil companies which joined hands with the latter to make use of the serious situation to get some fruit out of the air, showed a 180 degree change in their stance and are now back on the rails to continue with their works. Now, the only pests left are the Truckers' unions which need some serious lessons to be taught the hard way by the Government. As a result of these unions, the formation of which according to me should be abolished in a nation that calls itself secular and gives out equality for everyone in front of legislation, the nation saw one of the most crucial periods of all time and still the aftereffects can be felt by the Indian society. Demand for oil all over the country is at its highest over the last few decades. Bunks ran out of oil and I was horrified to see people wait in queues that were not less then a mile in their lengths in the petrol bunks along the GST. The fantastic part of the fable is that I didn't find a small change in the magnitude of congestion after the truck drivers sought after a strike that cut the fuel supplies to almost all the places in the country. This came as a hard slap on the faces of the striking truckers' unions and Government has even made arrangements to make the army get the necessary oil supplies for the people of the nation which has now endangered the jobs of the truck drivers. As a result, the people who are badly affected by the strike is no more the people of the nation but are the very people who joined hands to form what are now considered as a flock of dumb brutes or truckers' unions. Since the unions are now facing a bigger crisis than ever before, I guess they would call off the strike very soon or the nation would call of their services which are almost unwanted now since we have an alternative in our hands called the army that has always been highly reliable. For the first time in its tenure, the Government has helped the nation by being firm and helping the people make the so called Unions bite the dust. Kudos to the Indian Government! (I can't believe I am appreciating politicians! :-P)

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