Friday, September 26, 2008

A landmark decision by the law-house..

Yesterday marked one of the most astounding days in the history of Indian Judicial system. It was the day that showed a hint of freedom to a female. It was the day that proved how vulnerable our law machine is. It was the day that assured criminals safety even if they badge the crime of killing a nation's Prime Minister. Yes. By the time you reach the end of this post, you would realize you can do almost ANYTHING in this country and escape the clutches of the cops and the courts. Now, there seems to be a total turnaround in the duties assigned to these people who are responsible to keep up the dignity of justice in the country. Now, khakis and back gowns appear to be the saviors of sinners. I was wondering whether we should even think of putting some time into the issue revolving around murderer Nalini. I thought Politicians would raise their voices against the plea for her amnesty at least for the sake of keeping their vote banks intact. But, the political arena was mute. That made murderer Nalini steal the limelight. If you are not aware of her crime, then here I go with it for you. Let me put it from the Jury's view. "Nothing big. She made an attempt on the life of Former Prime Minister of India, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi. And succeeded in it". Proud female. She has spent more than 14 years in the jail. And during this time, even the dramatic occasion of Nalini-Menaka meet also fell in the world's view. It didnt stop with that. During the meeting, Menaka Gandhi, daughter of the person who was killed by Nalini, lost control on her emotions and even hugged Nalini tight. The best part of this worst scenario was that the daughter went on saying her dad's murderer have been acquitted personally by his family, which comprises of a son, a daughter and a wife, Sonia Gandhi. I never knew Menaka loved humans more than animals that she went to the extent of forgiving her father's assassin. This set the spark for Nalini and she was so cunning to make use of the situation to find her way out of the prison walls. Some people in the country who are counted as dumb ducks now consider Nalini a patriot for some unknown reason. The pathetic fact is that even the court believes she has suffered the punishment for her act. Is 14 years of jail a hard punishment for a criminal convicted for the murder of a Nation's Prime Minister? Get me the name of the nation that goes India's way when dealing with crooks. Media immediately got into the scene and added its part to the grand show of making a criminal a Mahatma. I was happy to find the Tamil Nadu Government standing up against the plea for this lady's amnesty. They moved the court to dismiss the plea. Did you expect the Madras High Court to accept the move and cancel the plea? If you did, you are not an Indian and most of all, you are not the kind of person the system in this nation needs. The court had sent a request to the Government to reconsider their move against Nalini. Does she deserve this? As far as I am concerned, a public hanging of this lady is the least of the punishments I could think of for the crime she committed 14 years back. In the bomb site, our Prime Minister's body parts were found scattered everywhere. An eye for an eye. By going this way, I would suggest limb slicing as a punishment closer to what she really deserves, though it's not exactly the biggest punishment that she should suffer. She should be made to suffer bigger pains irrespective of her gender. If this doesn't happen, Indian society has no way out of these misfortunes brought to us by rogues like the one who you have been reading about for the past 10 minutes in this post and we would be destined to remain unfortunate for the rest of our lives. As the Supreme Court rightly said, "Not even God can save this country now". I stand by the words of SC.

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