Saturday, June 7, 2008

Racial Abuse-A funny Australian aggression

'A great come back after two defeats that would have put any team under the peak of pressure' This was ringing in the minds of the ICL(Indian Cricket Lovers). The next match gave a death-blow to Team India that the kangaroos looked down upon us and started treating the aggressive tigers as mewing Pussy cats. But, the way the Aussies brought out all their cricketing skills down to the pitch was splendid and their 3 departments, namely bowling, batting and fielding, were synchronised and flawless, except for very few lapses in the field. Hats-off to the yellow caps.

Apart from the frictions between Sreesanth and two of the Australian players, Symonds and Hayden, everythin was fine until the schedule reached Vadodara. At this venue, the Australians were made to taste their own treatment, which would be offered to the countries touring Australia. This time, it was no Indian player who was to be blamed. It was the Vadodara crowd that almost made the Aussies weep in the field. It was a hard whip on the back of Aussies, who're known for racial abuse. This time, it was the Australian cricket team, for a change, which alleged that they were racially abused by the Indian Crowd.

The problem with the Men In Yellow is that all along they were thinking that Australia was the only Cricketing country in the world and they never expected to taste their own piece of cake when they were on a tour in another cricketing country like India, where cricket is more than a religion, unlike Australia, where it's just another profession.

Symonds brought up the so called 'Racial abuse' issue to the view of BCCI and then to ICC, when BCCI didn't even consider to discuss on the issue. He says that the crowd made monkey noises when he was in the outfield. Is this the way a real sportsman would react for what the crowd did? The ears of the sportsmen should remain shut for the comments of the crowd. I guess Symonds was trying to over-hear someone talking in the crowd. Again, that is something a sportsman shouldn't try to do.

Australians are known for their racial abusings. It was clear from the Australian tour of West Indies when Mc.Grath ended up talking about Sarwan's wife. Now, they find it too hard to accept when the iron ball hits them back and they do everything to pour out their aggression on the Indian crowd. Even Mark Waugh and Allen Border aren't in a mood to support the charge against the Indian crowd since they know that it's ridiculous and senseless. Most of all, it's baseless. Do the Aussies expect the ICC to question the Vadodara crowd and punish them? What is that they expect the ICC to do? There is no proof against the crowd. Even if there had been a video proof, ICC can't pull the crowd into the court expecting a judgment against them.

I only wish that, next time when Symonds goes to an Australian zoo and finds a chimpanzee making funky noises, he doesn't go to the Australian court, alleging that the chimp made funny noises at him and that it 'Racially Abused' him.

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