Friday, October 3, 2008

Close in on the callers..

Sometimes you might receive calls from anonymous numbers and you may want to know who had called or at least where you received the calls from. If you have a caller ID instrument, that serves only half of this purpose. lets you to use the reverse phone search service in order to get the address and other details about the anonymous numbers including the names of the owners of these numbers.

The Devil's triangle..

I came across an article tat spoke about this place called Bermuda Triangle. It seems they also call it The Devil's Triangle. Its a triangular region tat is found along de North American coast, wit Florida, San Juan n Puerto Rico forming the vertices of de triangle. Several incidents of aircraft n ship disappearances have been reported when these vessels try to cross de Triangular region. Scientists n Geologists have come up wit several theories. As usual, they go crazy when their theories r proved wrong by a more sensible explanation. Anyway, one of those explanations includes the hands of extra terrestrials. Further, de theory says ETs are using sum kind of technology far beyond human imagination that sucks in de gravity in tat particular region causing all de metallic bodies to disappear into thin air. This sounded ridiculous for sum, people who thought their theory of methane gas gives a befitting reply to de mystery of Bermuda Triangle. Though I dint understand that theory completely, I was quite satisfied wit it. It said at great depths of Atlantic Ocean, methane deposits are available which when increases tremendously in volume has the capability to form a thick white smog like atmosphere over n around de methane bed. Complying with this theory is de radio response of a pilot on-board an aircraft. Few moments before de aircraft disappeared while flying above de 'Devil's Triangle', de pilot yelled 'We're entering a green field. It’s completely green-filled here. Now it’s white'...Methane can satisfy de 'White' part of de pilot's response. What about de green part?? Explanations needed. There're more things on earth that we don’t know than things we know very well. That is de apt explanation to the Bermuda Triangle.

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