Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lacking the 'leopard' sense..

I am an animal lover and I can do anything for them which I won't be prepared for in the case of a human being. Millions of animal lovers would have come across this news by now. It's about an innocent leopard which was brutally killed by 100s of people. It was literally beaten to death by these people. The best part is that these people are none other than police officers who are staying the officers' quarters provided to them by the Government. They are the same people who offer advices to the public as to stay away from violence even when someone unleashes all the fury upon them and not to take law in their own hands. But, when it comes to them, the rules and advices pop like soap bubbles. The reports say that the leopard entered the quarters after losing its way in the jungle that surrounds the place. When it is called a jungle, why did the state Government allow the proposal of police officers' quarters in the middle of it? Isn't the Government supposed to allot the place for Forest rangers to keep a check on the intrusion of wild animals in the nearby village where people live? It's not fair to kill an animal just because it tried to penetrate the society where some really uncivilized animals live. I came to know that the leopard lost one of its paws due to the heavy blows opened up by the officers and it was running in pain. I understand its terrible pain. These human animals didn't stop even after the leopard finally gave up its efforts to elude back into the jungle. Then came the tranquilizer people. These people are so brilliant that they took three full dose shots at the leopard that was already down in pain and partly unconscious. The three shots of tranquilizer proved vehemently fatal as a result of which the leopard perished. Finally, the group of so called civilized animals won the brave fight. I wish God gave me an AK-47 with unlimited ammo so that I can shoot down all those people who are responsible for the tragic death of a creature that knew nothing more than running fast.

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