Monday, April 7, 2008

Frames of Life

Few days back, I was discussing something with one of my closest pals that fell in the region of our mutual interests. It was indeed interesting. During the conversation, we eventually found that the topic wasn’t restricted within a specific boundary and that we were talking about everything that sounds vivid to even the most uninterested person in the whole good world. We jumped upon a theory that actually related popular mythologies & beliefs and science. More specifically, time, which is the most bizarre topic, a brain could deal with. We ultimately found ourselves starting to believe in rebirth. Scientifically put, we agreed that one’s life has different frames.

According to the scientists who go with Frame theory, life has 3 basic frames namely the past, the present and the future frames. And these frames might be scaled on a convenient basis, like, hours, minutes, seconds or even micro-seconds. When drilled deep, we would find that there are uncountable countless number of future frames left in each one’s life and there are countless frames that have been sent to the past in our lives. I writing a blog on this topic was in the set of future frames and now it’s in the present frame and when I finish posting it, it goes to the past frame set.

The basic Indian mythology and belief is that everything happens every second. Simply put, there are worlds where the future frames are alive and there are worlds where the past frames are happening. This world, where we find things happening around us is a part of the big frame arrangements. What we’re here and what happens to us in this world become the median that divides the past and the future frames of life. This means somewhere down the future frames, say 20 years, we are living at an age 20 more than what we are now. Somewhere deeper down the future, we’re already dead. But, we’re still living here which is the median frame. We are dead. But, we are still living.

In the set of frames in the past that have been experienced by us, we would be living younger than what we are now in the present frame. 10 years down the past set of frames, I can see myself younger and more playful. 22 years back, I haven’t even born. But, I’m living now. So this is how it goes, putting all the three sets of frames together. I haven’t born in the past but I’m already dead in the future but still living the present.

We ended our conversation right there since things started contradicting each other. For instance, in the worlds that are in the past frames, say 100 years back, India wasn’t independent. In the present world, India is a free country. Our conversation takes this with the statement ‘India isn’t independent, but, it’s independent’. The difference is just the ‘Time’.

It seemed interesting to me because I imagined myself to be in some other world in the past where I’m younger and I was experiencing fun time. I was even more interested to imagine my future. Somewhere in the future, I am a grown up. Somewhere in the future I am an old man. Somewhere in the future, I’ve already lived the future. Life is indeed great!!

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