Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Laptops with lucrative price tags..

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Government vegabonds..

Today, I had a bad experience with the traffic police officers again. This time, I felt I was really unfortunate for having bought a bike because I think I would have paid more than the cost of my bike as fine amounts to the cops. The traffic police in Chennai are so damn desperate that they are willing to do anything stupid with the public in order to squeeze the money out of people's pockets. There are police officers who stop those who are wearing helmets and have got all the proper vehicle documents just to scratch a piece of buck out of their wallets. This time also, I didn't do anything wrong. I received a call from one of my college friends and I had the time to bring the vehicle to a halt along the roadside and attended the call. After the conversation ended, I kept the mobile locked between my left ear and the helmet so that I can immediately attend the calls if I receive any. After a 2 minute ride, a traffic constable appeared in front of me and signed at me to bring the vehicle to him and that was exactly what I did. The mobile inside my helmet found exactly the wrong time to fall down and that was when fate turned its attention towards me. The constable asked me 'Talking over the phone while driving?'. I said I wasn't and I even gave him my mobile to check the information of the last call which I received from my friend. He checked the time and was pretty much convinced that I didn't go against the rules. But, what runs in him is the Indian Police blood. That made him argue with me and he put forth a question 'If you were not talking to anyone, then why the mobile phone inside your helmet was closer to your ear?' I don't know where I got the reason from. I quickly responded to him saying that my mobile phone's vibrator isn't working and that was the reason why I held the mobile closer to my ear in the helmet so that I would get to know as soon as someone calls me. He wasn't satisfied with the reason because it was not reason that he wanted. It was something else that he had his intentions upon. As an expert in dealing cops and talking to traffic constables, it was pretty easy for me to guess what was running on his mind. I went to the sergeant and explained to him the entire scenario. He understood that I wasn't using the mobile. But, once again, Indian Traffic Police. He wanted me to give what he expected. But, I was not prepared to be fined for a mistake I didn't commit. I kept arguing while the sergeant started filling up a form using the details he acquired from my license card. While he was busy doing this, I told him 'Sir I know I didn't cross the rules and even you do. Please don't waste a sheet of paper for sheer 50 bucks. I can pay that to you though I can't justify myself if I pay you the money. So, you can stop filling that form'. The guy appeared quite calm and replied 'No kid. Rules should be respected and you should be given a written record of what you have done' I asked him what I did. And once again I entered the world of explanation but the man, about 60, never seemed to loosen his end of the rope. Finally, I made call to one of my school friends who brought Rs.40 against Rs.500 which the cops demanded. When I handed over the 50 buck note to the sergeant, he was completely heated up and started venting his anger on me and not even my foot cared for that. Finally, he accepted the 'BRIBE' and threatened 'I'll make sure you get caught wherever you go in the city'. I replied 'You're welcome sir. You can catch hold of me if you find me really crossing the rules unlike what you just did now'. While I was about to leave, I told the constable who caught me 'Even you know I didn't use the mobile while riding'. He replied 'You should have been fined Rs.1, 100 as per the rule book'. I told him 'No rule book would say keeping the mobile closer to the ear while driving is wrong unless we use it to speak with someone or listen to music'. When he was retaliating, I left the place, leaving my foot to listen to his mouth!

Journey to the center of my native..

Today, my family decided to go to our native since it's been quite a long since we visited the place last time. Being the head of the family, my dad made all the necessary arrangements for the 1 and a half hour journey. We decided to go by my sister's car which was quite small to give room comfortably for even 4 adults. In total, there were 6 adults including the driver who was here since none of us know car driving. Now, the all the eyes turned at me and I understood where I am going to have my place in the car. At the front, one more person can sit beside the driver comfortably. I was made to sit between the driver and my mom, which means I was literally sitting on the gear board. For the first few minutes of travel, I didn't find anything uncomfortable except for the way people outside peeped into the car to find where I was sitting. But, as the journey continued and sun started to scorch the roads, I felt a slight pain on my back. I realized that it was just the start since not even half of the total upward distance was not covered y then. I decided to sleep even though I was put in a completely uncomfortable position inside the car so that towards the end of the journey when the back pain becomes unbearable, I wouldn't feel a thing about it. Unfortunately, the hot atmosphere, both within and outside the car, didn't allow me to have the nap I wished to have. So, I had to undergo a physical strain on my back when we reached the end of the road. I had a big sigh of relief when I popped out of the car and had a good walk under the hot sun for about 10 minutes before entering my uncle's place. I was so happy since the pain had so after effects and I was able to move properly. When we were about to start our journey back to Chennai, again, I was the most unfortunate in the car next to the four wheels that had to roll down the white hot roads. I had no choice. I again tried to get some sleep on the gear board setup. But, I was not in a good position to do what I liked. The journey came to an end few minutes back and I can still feel the pain in on my right knee which was completely covered by the driver's left leg. To add to the tragedy, the driver had his left leg rested on my right knee for the whole journey back home. Now, I am going to try some thermal treatments on my knee and I'll get back to the business (Blogging) very soon!

Animal World

As an animal lover, I always tell people that this world belongs to animals since they have been living here for millions of earth. They have been inhabiting earth even before human beings started developing societies. The best part of such a wonderful, beautiful and awesome animal world is dog. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. I grow a Dalmatian which is so loyal that it comes back to me even after I treat it harshly. I stumbled upon the site dedicated to dogs and especially to yorkie breed of dogs. is site that contains a whole lot of information about various kinds of cross bred dogs. I loved the way the resulting puppies are named. For the naming purpose, the author of the site has used the names of both the parent dogs so that the naming convention becomes too easy that one can get to know the breeds of the parent dogs just by knowing the pup's breed name. For instance, when a yorkie is bred with a maltese, the resulting pup's breed would be called Morkie which sounds so quirky and unique! There are so many yorkie cross breed temperaments that have been listed on the site that tells you everything about yorkie pups. After browsing the pages of the site, I was interested in discovering some new breed names. I wondered what would happen if a Dalmatian is made to breed with a yorkie. The resulting pup would have long strands of hair around its face and the whole body would be quite soft and fluffy like a fur ball. But, the pup would possibly be having the shades of a Dalmatian with black spots all over the body! I tried imagining how such a pup would look like in real life. It would look so cute and small which would be completely adorable for even the cruel animal killers. I have even found a name for such a pup, using the same naming rules as the moderator of the site did. The pup should be called Darkie which sounds as cute as the pup would appear if it really finds its way to earth!

The Political arena

The museum is a building where specimens of art and science are kept. It also contains antiquities and specimens of manufacture. It can also be stated that a museum is permanent institution in the service of society and of its development, open to public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity and its environment, for the purpose of education, study and enjoyment. There are ten of thousands of museums all over the world. There are different types of museums like art, maritime, mobile, natural etc.

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