Sunday, June 1, 2008

7 big reasons as to why politicians call India a peaceful land.

Many of us know, as the politicians in India, when they acquire power, declare, that India is the most peaceful land on this earth. If you believe this, you're one big time clown. On the other hand, if you refuse to believe this, once again, a fool has been made out of you. Don't understand? That is Indian politics. Here, everything happens and everything looks fine. But, the reality is that, nobody knows whether the happenings are of any good to them. Okay. Aiming at the topic.

The politicians keep stressing that if there is a place on earth where you could dwell peacfully, it should be India, for, there are 10 big reasons in their minds, which are as follows:

1)Most of the politicians have a brave background with all weapons, guns and other stuffs that a rowdy would be in need of. So, 'PEACE', to them, means 'Living amidst blood, skin and smell of rusting weapons'. So, they feel India is peaceful since most of us don't carry such weapons all the time with us.

2)Have you seen Bombay stock market? How noisy and irritating it would be? People over there take care of exchange of stocks, money transfer and foreign flow-ins. The politicians do the same thing among their circles, with the only difference being that, they don't have something like a BSE. They do everything without any of the common man getting even a clue of what they are upto. Isn't this peaceful compared to BSE? This is why they call this sub-continent the peaceful land.

3)When something goes wrong in the country, the politicians, if you had noticed, would not release any statement immediately. For instance, consider the so called hunger strike observed by the 'KALAIGNAR' on 0ctober 1st. As soon as he received a word from the Supreme Court, this guy went home, took some rest, had a peacful day with 'Daddy's little daughter', read 'KAVIYA KALANJIYAM' and then arranged for a press meet late in the evening. Did you just realize how peaceful his day had been? This happens everyday in the lives of politicians in India. Isn't this really peaceful? India can rightly be called a peaceful country right?

4)At the party meetings, you could see only the head of the party talking most of the time. The people who call themselves the followers of the party sit like a bunch of goats as long as the party head stops speaking which, in our state, would take atleast 3 to 4hrs. Thus, only one person would talk and 100s and 1000s of people sit and listen to the useless, carefully framed speech without any reaction. How peaceful it would be to have a single person talking and all others looking at him?

5)Our politicians are so brilliant that they don't have direct contact with any of the terror heads. Instead, they have chain brokers to talk to such people. They work as hands in gloves. If the terror groups decide to lay down their show in some part of the country, they would INFORM our politicians first so that they can get their consent before they could go ahead with anything. So, these politicians are sure that no such attacks would take place without their consent. In turn, they are paid by these terror groups. There is something that is very unique. It can happen only in India. India blames Pakistan that Pakistani politicians are funding terrorists. Our Indian politicians are strict when it comes to the direction in which money flows.May be its because of the reason that its the other way around in India. Terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim and Sivaprakasam fund the politicians. Hope you understand what a FUND here means.

6)Two bullet-proof vehicles, more than 10 cars, 100s of black-cats, 1000s of policemen, loads of ammunitions and guns. When the politicians are gaurded by all these, even a speckle can't touch their skin. Even when someone tries to attack a politician, either the policemen die or the black-cats die. The politicialn will still have a peaceful life after going home with his family. Ahhh! Isn't his life really peaceful?

7)People like me, who blog against the politicians, are so unlucky that their blogs reach not so many people. So, the chances of producing a chance for this country has hit the ground level. As long as blogs like this don't reach the people out there, who have got the true spirit of India within and is ready for a revolution and modification of the Indian society, these politicians will live peaceful lives.

NOTE: India holds the 2nd position in the 'Worlds' top 10 terror-attacked countries' Think over it again. Is India really the safest country on earth for us to live in? If yes, for whom? For politicians or for people?

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