Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Indian media-The world of shameless, senseless, ridiculous, careless and jobless clowns..

Note : As a citizen of India and an element of the Democratic setup that prevails in this Great Nation, I own the privilege to voice my opinion and express my intentions in the form of words. I can't take responsibility if any part of the following post hurts the sentiments of the people involved in it because those people should accept that 'Truth and facts are always bitter and hurting". If you still feel offended, bring your issues to my view. I'll make sure you're proven wrong.

Of late, I managed to develop a good amount of interest for watching news channels. I was carrying the opinion that news channels are quite mundane since they keep rolling almost the same set of news for the whole day. I even conduct tests on these channels by switching between them quickly to find what each channel is concentrating on. The result adds more bitterness against the whole thing. If anything big happens in the country, each and every news channel runs around the incident and come up with the same set of information except for the extra tag line which says "Information available exclusively on XXXXXXXX news channel". Media people should now be serious with their vocabulary and check the dictionary for the meaning of "EXCLUSIVELY". If it’s available on all the channels, then how can it be called exclusive? Or am I getting it completely wrong???? :-P Very recently, I deliberately watched Times Now for some junk news which the channel is very good at. The best part is that the news channel proclaims itself to be 'The Best English News Channel in India", because no one would say anything even closer to what it assumes itself to be. The hot dish for the day was Shivraj Patil, who, if you don't know, is the Union minister of Home affairs and yes, he really takes care of his Home affairs letting nothing to come on his way. Not even the country. He is such a dedicated family man. Times Now took a shot at this man and the funny part of the tale was that the news channel discovered that he changed his clothes thrice on the day the bombs went off in Delhi. Doesn't this make you drop your jaws? Ok. Here is another remarkable thing the channel managed to cover. They were running behind Shivraj Patil the whole day not to make the news for the day but to checkout his attire. The channel went to the extent of getting the photographs of Shivraj in three different outfits on the same day while people were in total agony after losing their loved ones in the serial blasts. I know this would have made you react with a "Wowwwwww!!!" That is the power of Indian media. They can make you laugh at a funeral and celebrate the death of innocent people! If you call that the talent which media people "EXCLUSIVELY" posses, then you are the right person Times Now is searching for. Come up! Put on the jester's costume! Indian Media is calling you!

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