Thursday, June 18, 2009

My lovely life

When I say dry, I exactly don’t mean the eventless moments that you might think I am going through at Infosys because I’ve so far never encountered such a useless moment after reaching my professional home. Life was so full of life when I was in Chennai at the midst of people who speak Thamizh. Here, I get the chance everyday to meet new faces which keeps my experiences with new people fresh, sound and healthy. All I knew before reaching Infy Mysore DC were my PC, mobile phone, TV shows, late night sleeps (apparently it still has got a place in my schedule), juice shop at Abhiramapuram which is just a km away from my place, the lonely walk along the streets flanking Mylapore tank every night after 9 while keeping my mouth busy with a conversation over the phone, bananas, groundnuts (no swapping of the real meaning with what it is commonly understood as in Tamil:-P) and finally, BLOGS! Wow!! Awesome is an understatement to describe the internet with which I spent most of my leisure and it paid me back immensely! I found the time I spent on all my 437 blog posts really laudable for they became the tools for me to generate money that equaled what any IT firm could have paid me as a fresher/trainee in the first 10 months of training. My blog proved to be my window that took me closer to American dollar. Yups!! My salary was paid in dollars and my blog was my employer! It wasn’t too tough for me to strike a balance between blogging and the entertainment aspects of life that include my friends and family integrated with the society that surrounded me. It was fun earning through blogs. It was fun money. Now, I bring back some pulse to my blog after almost couple of months which was the period I managed to crawl into the world of professionals who break their heads to produce things that are only virtual in existence to earn the very real money which is the only thing that counts in the real world! I find this fact very funny, sensible and meaningful. If you ask me what I do at Infy, I would say I am being trained by professionals and taught lessons on how to create what is called software that can never be felt by touch to serve the purpose of an unseen client who remunerates in the form of real money. It sounds to me more like selling an unreal product overseas to make a living. To talk about an advertiser’s product by making my blog voice my almost fair opinion now seems more genuine and satisfying compared to what I would be doing in the name of a software engineer in the next 1 year. And they say these are all the inevitable changes one has to undergo without searching for a choice. The gap that was filled with my transition from a college student to an IT trainee was covered by a 10 month period during which I got my chance to live a life free from commitments and responsibilities. RESPONSIBILITIES. It is a big word to be used while referring to someone who has been whiling away time for 10 full months. That was the period when the world around me started to label me irresponsible. Nevertheless, I felt I was doing justice to God’s attempt to keep me engaged with some really busy leisure. I tasted life in a full-fledged attempt to cautiously stay away from giving any kind of thought to the efforts pumped into the process by the company which I knew would soon be trying to extract every ounce of IT knowledge that will keep emerging within every IT professional endlessly. Life used to be a toll-free highway or at least I was not asked to pay anything through my nose to take my life for a drive. Now, I feel I’ve reached the end of the smooth path and at the verge of entering a way that is no smoother. Now, the responsibility has come down on my shoulder to make my own way smooth and fine before I can enjoy the ride again. My life has been my best friend so far and this fellow had given everything in surplus to me to keep my bond with it strong and steady. Now, my life is done with fostering this divine relationship and time has come for my life to enter the next phase where it would test my survival instincts before it dies off. All I’ve got to tell my life is ‘Buddy, I hurt myself after my first attempt to get along without any problem with my bicycle and I loved you. I had no affinity for education and still it was thrust on me by the mere human tendencies that people possess and I loved you more. Every time I got a holiday, at the end of the day I long for more holidays so that I can enjoy you to the greatest extent possible. You taught me everything bad so that I can get a clear picture of everything good that are left out. Sometimes you gave me what I exactly never wished for so that I could realize what I really need. Now, I understand you are not about the way I live. You are everything because of which I live. So, let us continue our journey together for many more years to come. Stay with me and we can enter the dark room called future which takes a new shape every nanosecond and needs illumination to make our own way to the top if that is what you now wish to provide me with’.

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