Thursday, August 14, 2008

22nd lap around the sun..

A year is made of 365 days. And the number changes if it's a leap year. People have been calling me a 21 yr old useless brat with no job at present all along. From 19th of August 2008, the statement would remain the same except for the number which changes to 22. But that has never bothered me because I consider people who treat me that way as useless skunks who have no better job other than focusing their attention upon me without even realizing that their tails make their lives stink. I've managed to go along with the world around the sun for the past 22yrs successfully. That is the best part of my life. So, that makes all the 22yrs I've experienced on this ever revolving earth the best. Life has been so good so far. The people I met and those who had been and are now with me look so good. There were also people in my past who made me face the worst part of my life. But, even the worst part decorates the life of The Great One and makes it look better than the best of my imagination. The number of good lessons I learned from bad experiences outrun the ones I came across while I was having great times. I've always looked at my life as a Jigsaw puzzle where not only friends make the pieces, but also those who consider me their foe form crucial pieces that are needed to produce a magnificent picture called my life. I am grateful to all those people who helped me become what I am now. I am thankful to the Almighty for making me a page in the life books of people who made true well-wishers. When I was a kid, birthday celebration to me meant cakes, clowns' hats, chocolates, new outfits and a funny smile on my face when my classmates sang the birthday song with me standing in front of the whole class. Maturity was at its low at this time and that never shook my nerves. When I was a boy of 14, I remember celebrating my birthday outside the classroom for the first time. I was fast growing up and it was time for me to prepare myself for all those childish infatuations. It was the period when I had a crush on one of my juniors belonging to the same school as I did. I don't know what I should call it now for it looks too hilarious now. Can you, as a matured grown up, think of parking your bicycle next to the one that belongs to your crush just to make sure she glances at you in the evening in the cycle parking lot? I called that my love for that girl since I didn't know the word crush at that time. I never cared how I appeared because I never knew what people would search for in me. Those were the last few days when I carried in me my phobia for Examinations. Now, I don't remember what my voice sounded like when I was a school boy. But, my friends tell me I've lost the squeaky voice which I possessed. They call it a voice break. But, in reality, it should be called losing a voice. Even that is an unconditional loss I had to face. When I completed my 10th and reached the last day of school, I found few people crying for reasons that were unknown to me, which I now understand that they loved their companionships and the way their lives have taken them through school. I wondered how people could cry even for such SMALL losses. Nothing made me feel guilty or cautious when I was a kid. I never reciprocated what my grandpa had in him for me. I misinterpreted his affection as an attempt to irritate me. He was suffering from a dermal disorder and people hated him for something he wasn't responsible for. But, he liked me more than anything he owned. I had nothing in me for him as long as he was alive. That never made me feel guilty because I was a kid. Now, when I want to alter the paths that things have taken in order to make my life look even more better, my maturity slaps me and throws this answer at me 'Nothing can be changed now'. Time is everything. It changes people. It changes the you within you. Now I understand why my friends cried on the last day of school. Now I realize what my grandpa is to me. Now I understand that for every step I take towards maturity, I lose one behind me. When I was a kid, all that bothered me was my school. Now, I feel that everything around me is testing me. So far, I've greatly managed to overcome the tests with some patience and it keeps adding patience to the heap that I already possess. My face was as smooth as a sheet of ice when I was a kid. Now, it is as rugged as Anna salai. People called me cute when I was a kid. Now, the new people around me call me lousy. When I entered college with a hope to become an Engineer, I thought the best part of life had just begun. But, as years passed by, I found myself in so many unfortunate webs spun with troubles. I had people who were searching for even the dumbest reasons to get me into trouble. But, at the end of 4 yrs, I now find those people with grave problems. And the statement below is for those people: (Others, please skip the statement part! You mean a lot to me!)

Life has always kept its longest finger hidden from you and now it feels you should have a look at it fellas. Enjoy! I strongly believe that life screws those who overestimate their capabilities like you all did. And that is exactly what has happened to you who tried to mess up with me. Peeps, wake up before you go to dust. Stop thinking about me. Try to get a life you jerk!

After all, patience has a limit. But, I should honestly accept I even have so many good friends in the college who compensated for all those useless elements who thought and still think they are big guns. I'll never annihilate the so called friends from my memory who deserted me when I had a problem with a girl named Pavithra. Congrats!! You people failed again! I win again! Also, I'll never forget those who proved really good in this issue and stood on my side till the end. And those good people are totally committed now.:-P That made a balance between good and bad when I was in the college. Thus, I gained so many good people from my life through college, throwing away few jerks out of the picture. Now, after completing 4 yrs of engineering, I find that companionship is beyond explanation by words. Good friends are always great to be with. After 22yrs, I've earned 4 good friends from my school, which was actually 5 few days back, and many good friends from my college. In these 22 yrs, I met people who called me unreliable, in spite of all my efforts to avoid them think that way. There were also people who entrusted me with confidence and told me things about them which only they knew. There were people who called me selfless even when I appeared selfish. Many thanks to you friends. Without you people, my life would have missed its best part. Now I feel completely satisfied with these 22 yrs of journey called life and good people around me make me feel secured which keeps me away from brooding over the bad experiences I had in the past. Also, people with me now make me so happy and confident that I've learned to quit thinking about the things I missed in the past because I feel what I have with me now looks too good than what I would have had if things satisfied my schoolboy expectations. People, I wish to continue this journey around the sun with you as long as earth continues its journey around the sun. I've been on this earth for the past 8036 rotations. I've been traveling on this earth around the sun for the past 22 yrs. I still find this place exciting and new. I love this journey with people. Thank you people! I love it because I need not pay the earth anything for carrying me around the sun! Thank you earth!

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