Thursday, January 29, 2009

The falsified fools..

I wasn't quite sure about what kept my mind stuck with the movie Fantastic 4. I derived an answer lately and it is a collective effect resulting from what happens around me that keeps this movie on my mind. I liked all the characters in the movie and I should say I found the Human torch an interesting and smart bloke. He made me wonder what it would really feel like to have your body set on fire. And that is exactly what has been pulling me back to this movie all along. Very lately, an incident occured in Tamil Nadu that must have gained the recognition of the PMK Leader Dr.Ramadoss, whose senseless Tamil instincts make him translate his title to Tamil (Maruthuvar). And most of the times I read his name as 'Aayaa' (Baby-sitter) which, I heard, was supposed to be 'Ayyaa'. That kindles confusion in my mind regarding his occupation. He is neither a 'Maruthuvar' nor an 'Aayaa' now. He is a politician who runs a political party badging the name 'Paataali Makkal Katchi' and the party comprises of people as stupid and dumb-headed as other normal political followers in India are. If I am questioned what the Human torch from Fantastic 4 has got to do with Ramadoss, I would quote the incident I was talking about as an answer. Once again, there are so many things that lead to the death of a man who lost his brains in order to follow a political party like PMK that is heavily motivated by the dividing line between the paid classes and the paying classes of the society. This has been the topic of interest and used as a political tool for a long time in Tamil Nadu's political arena now because it serves as a feed for the tension that prevails between these two classes. Sri Lankan Government vows to hunt down the LTTE that has been causing problems to the nation for quite a long time now. During the course, they had no choice but to kill people belonging to Tamil origin in Sri Lanka. This has set the spark for politicians in Tamil Nadu to hit the big stage by gaining the world's attention so that they can make the best out of the worst situation the Sri Lankan Government is facing. PMK is one of such parasitic political parties in Tamil Nadu, others being DMK and the party headed by Thol.Thirumavalavan that isn't so famous. The funniest part is that this guy changed his name to Thol.ThirumavalaVAR as a sign of respect which no one is ready to show him. When the Political leaders were resting at their places after creating an agitation among the party followers, these fools in the name of followers were protesting outside the Secretariat and many went on hunger strikes including college and school students who have nothing to do with the happenings in the neighboring nation. One of the followers of PMK went to the extent of showing the world what it takes to become a Human torch-a can of kerosene and a matchbox. Hollywood made use of all the advanced technologies to bring the Human torch to life on the screen in Fantastic 4. But, this Tamil guy proved it is simpler to produce a human torch in reality. Kudos to Muthukumaran! :-P I felt really bad. I felt really bad because I missed out on a chance to record a fool setting himself on fire. By now, his family would have realized nothing could be changed by the death of a single man and his soul would have realized he has been deceived by the politicians. But it's already too late. The gates of hell might be flung open for Mr.MuthuKumaran now. May be Muthu never knew fire would be hot. Now I know what would happen. Ramadoss, the leader of the party to which Mthukumaran belonged, would offer an amount of Rs.5 lakhs as a symbol of recognition and declare the act of this coward a brave one. In another 3 days, Muthukumaran will be out of all our memories. And Sri Lankan army will soon catch the pest called Prabhakaran and hang him in public. Finally, the war would come to an end not because of Muthukumaran but because of the brave and rightful act of the Sri Lankan Government. Wastage is an unavoidable element in any process in the world. Muthu's act will be added to this list during the process at the end of which all the politicians in India, especially Tamil Nadu, who have been supporting LTTE behind the screens would be exposed to the world without mercy. That will mark the day when the fools who call themselves political followers in Tamil Nadu realize that the have wasted all their lifetime supporting a bunch of brutes called Tamil politicians. That will be the day when they will realize they have been falsified and their ideology has been proven wrong. That will be the day when politicians go out of business in this state and political followers bite the dust. I wish it is not too far from here.

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