Thursday, October 2, 2008

The police story..

I can talk for any number of days about my experiences with cops. When I say cops, I am not mentioning to those who are responsible of upholding law and order in the place. I am referring to those traffic police officers in Tamil Nadu who are no different from scavengers of money. I have seen traffic police catching people for driving over the yellow line on the road which separates the two sides of the road and acts as a median. I happened to find another funny incident, which proved rather unfortunate for the guy who was riding the bike. The signals in Chennai are fitted with timers and people are requested by the scrolling texts at the signals to switch off their vehicle engines if the counter shows more than 20 seconds for the Green to flash. I was standing right next to this rider. He killed his engine and removed the helmet. He took out the hanky from his pocket and started drying his hair which was completely wetted by sweat. The policeman at the signal saw him without the helmet. That was enough for him to get whatever he expected from this poor man who would be around 25. The policeman walked steadily towards the rider and took the vehicle key from the key slot and walked to the tree shade available near the platform as if he is the Mr.Coolest. This man walked to the policeman and asked him the reason for his senseless act. I overheard what the policeman said and it was 'You were not wearing the helmet'. I could see what that reply would have done to the young man and he was trying to tell him he removed the helmet since it was a red. Now, the rider started to get furious over the entire thing. He said he the engine was killed and that means he wasn't driving. The policeman was not prepared to lend ears to what this young man had to say. Finally, the sergeant returned to the spot after a sumptuous afternoon meal and got to know what happened from the traffic constable. That was when they started demanding Rs.100 as a fine for not wearing the helmet. I thought this guy was cornered. But, to my surprise, I found this guy telling the two policeman that he would get the vehicle from the court after facing the charges there and demanded a Tow van for the safe parking of the two wheeler and even stated that it is the duty of traffic police not only to tow the vehicles but to make sure the vehicles are safe and asked them for the receipt for the tow service. I stopped my bike closer to the platform, about 20 meters from the place where the three men stood, and was watching the grand Tamil Nadu Police department's defaming diplomats demanding (literally begging) for money. The traffic constable brought the bike which was obstructing other vehicles all this while, from the middle of the road to the platform. The policemen started to threaten him that he would be required to pay more in the court and asked him to act sensibly. The youngster let a jolt pass through the policemen when he asked them to take a look at the sticker near the taillight of his vehicle. After that, I was surprised by the way the two policemen let this man go without paying even a single penny. I was waiting for the guy to pass me by so that I can see what gave the policemen the big jerk which made them look like two stupid clowns on the road. I was so happy to find someone literally slap the police officers in front of a huge crowd with the word 'PRESS' behind his bike. Now, I know what I should do to escape these beggars next time. Soon, you can find the 'PRESS' graphics at the rear end of my bike. :P

Art of getting more traffic..

In my previous post about pulling traffic towards your domain, I was talking about something called Cbox. It was really very effective and my Alexa dropped from 23 million to 8 million in just 10 days. The best part of the Cbox is that even if you haven't visited someone's page, they can follow you to your blog if they come across your message on someone else's blog. Thus, you are not only getting the blog's owner back to your blog, but also bringing home several new visitors. That means it won't work as a blogger-to-blogger technique. Instead, your blog will be exposed to a large number of people all over the world. You need to visit at least 15 to 20 blogs a day and post your messages on the Cboxes available in all those blogs so that you stay at the top of the message list which means the probability of people following will be more. As your message sinks down to the bottom, people won't be able to follow you and you cannot get the visitors you want to your blog. Thus, you need to regularly keep posting messages on others' blogs so that people find your name at the top of the list and it would be easy for them to land on your blog because you can't expect everyone to scroll down the whole list of messages and particularly find your blog link to follow it. Bloggers are not here for that. They are here to blog. So, once you decide to make use of the Cbox advantage, you should balance your activities with what your visitors do for you. Revisiting their domains/blogs is very important and you can also browse through the first few messages in the Cbox of those blogs to follow unknown blogs which would soon add big numbers to the visitor count!

Increasing traffic..

So many people have asked me how to monetize their blogs, though I don't find a sincere blogger in me because I monetize all my blogs. Basic structure of the process to earn through blogs is very simple. You sign up for a free blogger account, start blogging about whatever you find interesting and popularize your blogs through various tools available on several sites that bring you good amount of traffic. If you feel this would take more time to develop yourself on the blogging platform, you always have the option to go for a domain with a good Page rank. After you acquire the domain from its administrator, you can start posting your blog son that domain. After you make some 10 or 15 quality posts on your new domain, you can register it with one of several pay sites which pay you for blogging for their advertisers. But, you should be fair on your part. Instead of making earning money the sole purpose of the domain, you should make it more productive, attractive and should bring more traffic to it. Back links play a very important role in making a domain or a blog retain it's Page rank. Numerous link exchange sites are available today which help you browse through their directories filled with domains and blogs of different page ranks from which you can select the domains with which you wish to exchange links. Better practice is to go for domains that have higher page rank than yours so that when Google updates the page ranks of domains, your domain would be able to sustain its status as it is. Advertisers expect blogs to have high amount of traffic. So, its your responsibility to draw more number of readers to your blog/domain. I found an excellent tool to bring a good amount of readers to your blog without the help of sites that say they can increase your traffic to a level from where you would be able to compete even with Google! Bullshit! There is something called Cbox. It's a message box which when added to your blog will be available for other bloggers to drop their messages for you. By following those who drop their messages on your blog, you can return them their favor and thus, bloggers around the globe would get mutually benefited by this. I used this Cbox and found that I can bring my blog as much as 60 visitors a day with no big strain. I am planning to discuss in my subsequent posts about other techniques to increase the visitor rate of a blog so that Alexa rank of the blog remains healthy.

Closing in on Kodai plan..

Finally, the day is about to come. In another 20 hours, if everything goes as planned, we would be in the train exactly at this time tomorrow on our way to Madurai. This Kodaikanal plan is something that is pending for a really long time now. Last year, we went to Kodaikanal as soon as I came back from my Kullu-Manali tour with college friends. When it comes to striking a balance between the importance I attach to school friends and college friends, I think I am a pro. I managed to plan a couple of tours with my college friends and my school friends as well. We had to come across so many hurdles to reach the position we are in now. We have got the train tickets to Madurai, which is the closest city to Kodai. First, it was one of my friends' parents who said they want their son to get employed before going on a fun trip. We tried everything within our scope to get him into the world of profession. Unfortunately, the company which recruited this guy put him on hold for four months to release the results of the four rounds of interviews my friend faced. At last, he received a call from the I.T firm and they said he has been selected to work for them. That was when the plan got back its life once again. Now, the atmosphere looks so jubilant because we are about to execute a plan that has been in the bag for a very long time now. We have been waiting for almost 8 months now to set things right for this plan to workout well. Hey my dear fellow bloggers and my most respectful followers and readers, I won't be seen here for the next 4 days. I'll join you in the blog league very soon! Have a great time blogging around!

Do we really respect the Father of our nation?

As far as we all know, Government wine shops, which are popularly known as TASMAC, and other outlets where liquors will be available on normal days should remain closed today which marks the birth of a Mahatma. I was taken aback after looking at what happened just outside a Government wine shop today in the evening. There were 3 men standing outside TASMAC and they were involved in some discussion among themselves. Suddenly, the shutter of the shop moved up slightly and I saw a man crawling out of the shop. I wasn't shocked to see the man coming out from a place which was supposed to remain closed today. But, what he carried with him hidden in his pants gave me a reason to question the respect these people have got for the man who is considered as the Father of the nation. If my friend who was standing beside me is not wrong, what he carried was Royal Challenge whisky in his right hand. This doesn't show the extent to which these liquors make one addicted to them. It shows the extent to which people have gone that they are totally uncontrollable over their temptations and desires. They can't hold on even for a day without liquors. Everyone is to be blamed here. I was passing by the shop and noticed what was happening there. I am pretty much sure even the Government officials who should have a check on these are very much aware of the illegal sale of liquor today. People who buy these hot drinks and also the one who sold the product know for sure that today is the day several years back when a Mahatma was born. Everyone is to be blamed here. During the course, we have forgotten what makes Gandhiji the Mahatma and what the purpose of the freedom he won for us after a non-violent fight is. If I had asked the alcoholic about freedom, I am too confident that he would reply 'Drinking even on Gandhi Jayanthi is freedom'. Let us not forget a great man.

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