Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Arrogant atheists..

Atheism has become more a kind of trend for people than what it should really mean to those who call themselves atheists. Opinions differ. Atheists don't accept this. Opinions should be individualistic and one should not try to inflict it on others. Atheists do this. They not only stop with calling God an imaginary creation of man but they also call those who worship God fools and everything senseless.

I am affected..Thanks to the Indian politicians..

There are so many happenings in the country to prove that most of the politicians in India are totally inefficient, incapable and irresponsible illiterates. The American economy seems to be crumbling to pieces but the politicians over there are smart enough to pump $700 billion into the business to save the nation. But, our FM who lauds himself to be a genius when it comes to finance couldn't help the nation by providing proper aides to free it from the tightening clutches of inflation and price rise. All he does every time the media comes with the figure of inflation which keeps rising everyday, is to appear in front of the press and address the nation with a single statement:

"Indian banks and financial bodies are immune to the rising crisis"

May be he is insulated from these problems but not the common man. There were days when petrol was sold at Rs.35 per liter. But, I was so unfortunate that I was riding a bicycle at those times and now, when I love bike riding, my parents are not ready to waste money on petrol since the price has gone up to almost 56. And my bicycle is also rusted now. How can I use it again? Now, all my means of transportation are blocked! This is what our Indian FM has done to me.

Few months back, I made it a habit to play cricket everyday in the morning, no matter what the weather guy told about the weather. Water packets are essentials for us. As a result of inflation, even the cost of a water packet has gone up by 50 paise. It may sound so silly since the cost is too low to compare with what the American Government has planned to invest in the market to bailout the sinking ships. But, when you consider the amplified image, you would find even a single penny making a big difference. Today, once again, our FM has released a statement according to which our markets are stable, strong and sound. Dear FM, if that is the case, can you tell me why inflation is going up faster than NASA's spacecraft and why the food and oil prices have increased by several folds???

Red loses its face..:-P

The situation of the Central Government and the state of the state Governments in India are really pathetic and awful. When other countries are talking about space science, aliens, UFOs and time tunnels, we are talking about 2nd Green Revolution, reservations in educational institutions and other issue that would add nothing to the nation's image in the Internationals arena. The only good development in terms of technical development of the nation came in the form of N-Deal. But, whenever something good happens, a villain jumps into the scene from nowhere. The RED party had no clue about this and they knew the deal would take India to great heights which they don't want to see happening because Politics is their only profession and they can't survive if India develops and people become shrewd enough to understand the technicalities of various advancements in the nation that would be following the deal. Hence, they opposed the N-Deal and made all the possible attempts to tumble the Government which successfully survived the trust vote. Communists in India are made to bite dust and lick the grounds. This is a hard lesson for the communists who are not really following the principles of Karl Marx but have designed their own guidelines flexible to their needs and expectations so that they can make maximum use of the name communism and gain a lot. If there is a big hindrance for the development of the nation, that would be these unwanted elements belonging to the RED party which should immediately be dissolved in order to move closer to the goal of making the country a developed nation by 2020. If this doesn't happen, communists in India would make this country a living hell by talking rubbish and inflicting their shapeless philosophies which are nowhere closer to real communism on the people of this nation. According to real communism, all are equal irrespective of their status. But, our defamed communists feel that all our equal and they slightly take the edge over others by forcing others to follow what they follow and calling those who refuse to do so anomalies of the society. And they call this communism. Communists in India are weeds which should never be encouraged if you want the fields to thrive.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Reach out to the space!!!

NASA has come up with an excellent idea that would look really lucrative and creative. This is what they are planning to do. They have built a website which can be accessed by anyone across the globe. On entering the site, you would find an e-form which should be filled up using your details and whereabouts. This form won't contain anything too personal from you and hence you can feel free to fill it up with genuine information about you. After submitting the online registration form which takes nothing out of your pockets, you will receive a certificate from NASA available in a printable format. If you wish to store it as a soft copy, you have the option to download the participation certificate from NASA in PDF format so that you can have a print of the certificate from the most prestigious space research organization. I am done with the registration and I received a mail from NASA stating that my name would be transferred to a microchip that will be made use of inside the vessel that would float around the earth to measure the amount of aerosol particles suspended in the earth's upper layer of the atmosphere. The mission also serves various other studies the results of which will be updtaed as and when any new data is obtained on NASA's official website. I've already made sure my name reaches the space. Take your turn. Just 58,000 people have registered so far. Any number of names can be installed in the chip, says NASA. To make your name fly in the space for several years to come, follow this link:

Politician or joker???

It has always been an old fashion adage that black is better for those who have a little bit of extra weight because it slim people down. This is an old wives' tale. While black can be rather slimming for those who are already slim, buying plus size jeans in black is not going to make you look thinner. While a certain color can be flattering to your face, it is more important to pay attention to tailoring, cut, and style rather than a certain color. It may sound hard to believe, but black is not always the best choice it is simply a choice like blue, white, or any other color in plus size jeans.

The famous opinion when it comes to fashion is that black has always looked good for all those with few extra pounds since it makes them look slim. This is an old wives’ tale. Though black makes one look slim, buying black plus sized jeans won’t make one look slimmer. Rather than attaching importance to the color, it is always advisable that the priority be given to the tailoring, cut and style. Though it may sound alarming, the fact is that black is not the best of choices and it is just another color like blue, white or red in plus sized jeans. Size is all that matters and not color.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is your duty?

Few days back, I was involved in a serious discussion with one of my intimate friends. It was about India and the level safety we Indian citizens enjoy. Ironically, we don't find safety to enjoy. It's literally missing in the country. According to one of the media reports, 89% of the people in the nation's capital have quit going out for shopping after the blasts which ambushed the city. Sadly, both the Chief minister of the state and Central Government are left helpless but not clueless. The clue has actually the answer in itself. People covering themselves using the blanket of cowardice belonging to Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the blasts and they even had the nerves to send an e-mail 5 minutes prior to the bomb blasts that said "This time we are taking on the Hindutva Hub of your nation. Yes. It's the green City we are talking about. Delhi is the target". Thus, after the bombs went off, everyone was sure of who planned the attacks but not our Indian Intelligence and Home ministry.

7 minutes after the blast, highly efficient team of police arrived at the places where 100s of unfortunate corpses were lying limbless scattered on the ground. The police was here just to do what Neel Metal Fanalca in Chennai does to clear the road off trash and other wastes. They helped the medical team to get the corpses and few live human beings with fatal injuries into the ambulances. When I told this to my friend, she asked me "What else do you think the cops should do? Instead of dragging them over the coal, why don't you think of appreciating the bomb squads for defusing the remaining bombs which constituted more than 50% of the total number of bombs that were actually planted by the militants?" I was not surprised because most of us think the bomb squads deserve appreciation. Yes. I do accept that they should be praised for putting their lives at stake just to save the common man. But, there is another side to look into. Why should someone be praised just because they do their duties? They are supposed to work that way and they should continue doing that even if their bravery is not recognized properly. Call it destiny, fate or whatever bad you can think of.

Coming to the Indian Intelligence part makes me even madder. I was not aware of the disaster before it happened. And even the Intelligence Bureau had no clue about the terror plot. If this is the case, then why can't I be called an Intelligence Bureau official? Why doesn't the Government pay me what the I.B people get? It's the total intelligence failure that led to these unprecedented miseries. The intelligence level of Indian officials is at rock-bottom which can be justified by the statement released by the Home ministry, which was:

"We are investigating seriously to find out who are behind these attacks and focus is on some of the militant organizations that have been banned in India but still carry out terror plots across the nation".

Why should they work hard to find out which organization was the one behind the blasts when the very organization involved in the blast surfaced with a strong statement "We are behind the blasts that would rock the capital in another 5 minutes. Indian Intelligence can try doing whatever they can"? It's already very clear who the masterminds behind the unfortunate blasts are. Then why did Home ministry release such a senseless statement?

Intelligence agencies are so inefficient and ineffective that they will be alert only after a blast occurs. Immediately after any blast, they would inform the home ministry of 'POSSIBLE' threats even if they don't have any strong proof for the threats they are talking about. Intelligence in our country is no different from a news reporter. Both keep talking all the time. Intelligence bureau has lost the trust of people who are now afraid to even peep out of their windows!

Terror unleashed..

Having your own deep fat fryer at home will allow you to control the ingredients you use to make items like your own, homemade potato chips, luscious doughnuts, or chicken nuggets. This is especially great if anyone in your family needs a special diet due to food allergies. It is dangerous for these people to eat restaurant foods in which the ingredients are unknown. However, at home you can choose your own recipes and ingredients which you know won't present a health risk to someone with allergies.

It is very important when buying kitchen appliances to buy only what you will use. It is a waste of money to buy the latest gizmo or a device that will only be used once or twice a year and take up valuable counter or shelf space.

Some may often get ambiguous over the appliances that they should have in their kitchens. Some might fear buying appliances which they might never use after removing them from the box. There is no doubt that cooker is a mandatory appliance in every kitchen. It alerts one after the rice inside has been cooked. Hence the housemates can be sure of being served with hot, fluffy, perfectly prepared rice when they’re ready to eat. Kitchen appliances like cooker should be bought only if one really has a need of these appliances. It’s quite odd to get an appliance which will hardly be used only twice or thrice a year.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A landmark decision by the law-house..

Yesterday marked one of the most astounding days in the history of Indian Judicial system. It was the day that showed a hint of freedom to a female. It was the day that proved how vulnerable our law machine is. It was the day that assured criminals safety even if they badge the crime of killing a nation's Prime Minister. Yes. By the time you reach the end of this post, you would realize you can do almost ANYTHING in this country and escape the clutches of the cops and the courts. Now, there seems to be a total turnaround in the duties assigned to these people who are responsible to keep up the dignity of justice in the country. Now, khakis and back gowns appear to be the saviors of sinners. I was wondering whether we should even think of putting some time into the issue revolving around murderer Nalini. I thought Politicians would raise their voices against the plea for her amnesty at least for the sake of keeping their vote banks intact. But, the political arena was mute. That made murderer Nalini steal the limelight. If you are not aware of her crime, then here I go with it for you. Let me put it from the Jury's view. "Nothing big. She made an attempt on the life of Former Prime Minister of India, Mr.Rajiv Gandhi. And succeeded in it". Proud female. She has spent more than 14 years in the jail. And during this time, even the dramatic occasion of Nalini-Menaka meet also fell in the world's view. It didnt stop with that. During the meeting, Menaka Gandhi, daughter of the person who was killed by Nalini, lost control on her emotions and even hugged Nalini tight. The best part of this worst scenario was that the daughter went on saying her dad's murderer have been acquitted personally by his family, which comprises of a son, a daughter and a wife, Sonia Gandhi. I never knew Menaka loved humans more than animals that she went to the extent of forgiving her father's assassin. This set the spark for Nalini and she was so cunning to make use of the situation to find her way out of the prison walls. Some people in the country who are counted as dumb ducks now consider Nalini a patriot for some unknown reason. The pathetic fact is that even the court believes she has suffered the punishment for her act. Is 14 years of jail a hard punishment for a criminal convicted for the murder of a Nation's Prime Minister? Get me the name of the nation that goes India's way when dealing with crooks. Media immediately got into the scene and added its part to the grand show of making a criminal a Mahatma. I was happy to find the Tamil Nadu Government standing up against the plea for this lady's amnesty. They moved the court to dismiss the plea. Did you expect the Madras High Court to accept the move and cancel the plea? If you did, you are not an Indian and most of all, you are not the kind of person the system in this nation needs. The court had sent a request to the Government to reconsider their move against Nalini. Does she deserve this? As far as I am concerned, a public hanging of this lady is the least of the punishments I could think of for the crime she committed 14 years back. In the bomb site, our Prime Minister's body parts were found scattered everywhere. An eye for an eye. By going this way, I would suggest limb slicing as a punishment closer to what she really deserves, though it's not exactly the biggest punishment that she should suffer. She should be made to suffer bigger pains irrespective of her gender. If this doesn't happen, Indian society has no way out of these misfortunes brought to us by rogues like the one who you have been reading about for the past 10 minutes in this post and we would be destined to remain unfortunate for the rest of our lives. As the Supreme Court rightly said, "Not even God can save this country now". I stand by the words of SC.

Friday, September 19, 2008

1....2....3....Go back!

I couldn't believe what was happening in front of my eyes. After the night which reminded me of every incident that I witnessed in the college which was the ground for few highly disappointing events and many joyful occasions that threw me into a state of ecstasy, things were like bolts from the blue now. Visions are deceptive. I know that. But, I wished what were happening to be true and that forced me to believe whatever was happening. Wouldn't you call me a crackpot if I tell you I was seeing God standing in front of me? I was completely taken aback. I can see God. But, I can't explain his appearance. I can hear God's voice. But I can't tell you what he sounded like. But, I can sure tell you what he told me. He said "I found you poignant, thinking of the past, last night and here I am with a wish for you. I give you three chances to go back in time. Once you go back into the past, you would forget everything that happened now and you won't have anything in your memory beyond that day where you land up on in the past. But, when you again reach a point of time where you feel the same way as you did last night, you'll be destined to meet me again and you can take your second chance to get back to some other point in the past you wish to be at. And after that, once again we'll meet and if you still wish to live your past, I can give you a final chance". I wasn't sure whether I was really giving ears to The God. But, the offer looked attractive. I said "I am okay with it", without expressing anything that was within me at that moment.

1st chance. I decided to go back a little far into the past and suddenly I found a tall woman in green sari, approximately 5 feet, rebuking me for not having my lunch. I felt it was too big a situation for a 6 year old boy to face in a play school. But, fate is now the driver. I have no choice but to sit back and watch it screw me. Its 1.P.M and time to sleep. The 'aayaa' in green threatened all the kids in the play school with a cane to make them get to their mattresses that are spread on the floor. I didn't want to risk my 2 and a half feet tall body and took my position on the floor. I was frustrated but not mellowed down by looking at my freedom crumbling to pieces in the aayaa's hand. That brought some tears in my eyes. After weeping for few minutes, I found myself in the fantasy world of sleep. As years passed by, I kept my heart fixed on my childhood days. I realized that people are so self-centered and the world is turning into a place for cannibals. I now found the aayaa in green saree quite good among the lot. I hardly relinquished my childhood memories even after completing three years of engineering. I was forced to face few uncomfortable situations. I was forced to give up certain things I loved. The night dawned upon me when I realized I should have changed the course my life has taken in the first year of graduation. It was the night when God reappeared. He went on with the rules again and we are done with the agreement.

2nd chance. I decided to go back to the day when I stepped into the 6th standard for the first time. I remembered nothing about the future. I lacked even the slightest of maturity in me. I was, as usual, late to the school and the teacher seemed winded up. I couldn't help it. This is the way I've been all along though my place is just 2 minutes by walk from my school. I felt I've been living the worst life among the humans alive today. In no position to take the tests that are scheduled to be held in a fortnight, I found myself losing the essence of good life. At the end of 6th standard, I found I had scored the maximum number of single digit marks in the series of tests that were conducted throughout, the year in the class. I was frustrated, again, but not disappointed. My life was lying low till I completed my schooling and now its time for me to gather all my efforts to become an Engineer in another 4 years. Now, I felt it would be nice to get back the past and had a heartening night. It's now time for God to reappear. This time, he explained to me the rules of the game, again, and reduced the chance count by one. I replied "I am okay with it" since I was an innocent kid who was flatly dumbfounded.

3rd chance. My hair was drenched by oil. I looked like a newborn in the place where they said they make engineers. From what I heard, I understood that it’s a place where professionals dwell. I have never confronted professionalism in my life. So far, I've been a mediocre student and not a nerd with spectacles. I even doubted my capabilities which I expected to be way below what is really required to become an Engineer. I found it difficult to get along with my fellow engineering aspirants initially. But, as days passed, I found it’s not so tough to make good friends if I prove myself to be a good one. I worked out well on relationships with my friends. Four years of graduation filled with frequent ups and downs has been strongly imprinted in my heart and now I feel I should go back to the 1st year and start correcting the things that went utterly wrong and relishing every second I missed by staying closer to unpleasant incidents than to those which made my life worth living. Well, you know what would happen now. God appeared again because the very thought of the past is all that is needed to invoke The God. But this time, he carried a new message for me.

He said "This isn't the first time you're feeling this way. I've already given you three chances. But, still you are not satisfied with your life. That is because you put your past above your present. You consider what you lost bigger than what you gained in life through life. Things look good when you don't possess them. When you get your hands on them, they start souring. This is what humans are all about. I didn't take more than 5 minutes to take you through all these. But, it appeared to you as if you lived your life thrice already. And when you wake up and come to know that you've been dreaming all along, you still won't be able to realize your mistake of attaching more importance to the past and you will wish whatever happened in the last 5 minutes were true. That is because you belong to the race of humans who can never be satisfied. Wake up. The 'pongal' shop is already open. Have a great day and start living your life at least today"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Indian media-The world of shameless, senseless, ridiculous, careless and jobless clowns..

Note : As a citizen of India and an element of the Democratic setup that prevails in this Great Nation, I own the privilege to voice my opinion and express my intentions in the form of words. I can't take responsibility if any part of the following post hurts the sentiments of the people involved in it because those people should accept that 'Truth and facts are always bitter and hurting". If you still feel offended, bring your issues to my view. I'll make sure you're proven wrong.

Of late, I managed to develop a good amount of interest for watching news channels. I was carrying the opinion that news channels are quite mundane since they keep rolling almost the same set of news for the whole day. I even conduct tests on these channels by switching between them quickly to find what each channel is concentrating on. The result adds more bitterness against the whole thing. If anything big happens in the country, each and every news channel runs around the incident and come up with the same set of information except for the extra tag line which says "Information available exclusively on XXXXXXXX news channel". Media people should now be serious with their vocabulary and check the dictionary for the meaning of "EXCLUSIVELY". If it’s available on all the channels, then how can it be called exclusive? Or am I getting it completely wrong???? :-P Very recently, I deliberately watched Times Now for some junk news which the channel is very good at. The best part is that the news channel proclaims itself to be 'The Best English News Channel in India", because no one would say anything even closer to what it assumes itself to be. The hot dish for the day was Shivraj Patil, who, if you don't know, is the Union minister of Home affairs and yes, he really takes care of his Home affairs letting nothing to come on his way. Not even the country. He is such a dedicated family man. Times Now took a shot at this man and the funny part of the tale was that the news channel discovered that he changed his clothes thrice on the day the bombs went off in Delhi. Doesn't this make you drop your jaws? Ok. Here is another remarkable thing the channel managed to cover. They were running behind Shivraj Patil the whole day not to make the news for the day but to checkout his attire. The channel went to the extent of getting the photographs of Shivraj in three different outfits on the same day while people were in total agony after losing their loved ones in the serial blasts. I know this would have made you react with a "Wowwwwww!!!" That is the power of Indian media. They can make you laugh at a funeral and celebrate the death of innocent people! If you call that the talent which media people "EXCLUSIVELY" posses, then you are the right person Times Now is searching for. Come up! Put on the jester's costume! Indian Media is calling you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lacking the 'leopard' sense..

I am an animal lover and I can do anything for them which I won't be prepared for in the case of a human being. Millions of animal lovers would have come across this news by now. It's about an innocent leopard which was brutally killed by 100s of people. It was literally beaten to death by these people. The best part is that these people are none other than police officers who are staying the officers' quarters provided to them by the Government. They are the same people who offer advices to the public as to stay away from violence even when someone unleashes all the fury upon them and not to take law in their own hands. But, when it comes to them, the rules and advices pop like soap bubbles. The reports say that the leopard entered the quarters after losing its way in the jungle that surrounds the place. When it is called a jungle, why did the state Government allow the proposal of police officers' quarters in the middle of it? Isn't the Government supposed to allot the place for Forest rangers to keep a check on the intrusion of wild animals in the nearby village where people live? It's not fair to kill an animal just because it tried to penetrate the society where some really uncivilized animals live. I came to know that the leopard lost one of its paws due to the heavy blows opened up by the officers and it was running in pain. I understand its terrible pain. These human animals didn't stop even after the leopard finally gave up its efforts to elude back into the jungle. Then came the tranquilizer people. These people are so brilliant that they took three full dose shots at the leopard that was already down in pain and partly unconscious. The three shots of tranquilizer proved vehemently fatal as a result of which the leopard perished. Finally, the group of so called civilized animals won the brave fight. I wish God gave me an AK-47 with unlimited ammo so that I can shoot down all those people who are responsible for the tragic death of a creature that knew nothing more than running fast.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shaky Shivraj..

Now all the eyes are fixed on the Union Home minister Mr.Shivraj Patil. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr.Narendra Modi alleges he had warned the home ministry about possible bomb blasts in the capital. I don't know for what reason Patil snubbed the information. May be he was a staunch Congress part member who wanted to keep his ears shut for what a BJP member has got to tell. But, this isn't petty political issue. It's a matter of 100s of lives. But still, Congress people proved that they can do politics over almost anything. Their egoistic trait charred some of the crowded places in the capital. Now who is to be blamed? If Mr.Narendra Modi claims that he had already warned about the terror attacks beforehand, Congress will hit back saying that Modi has turned Gujarat into a hell for minorities and killed secularism in the land where Hindus are given more importance. Are these people out of their senses? What has that got to do with the Delhi blasts? UPA people count nothing more than minority votes. To get them, they would go to even the extent of providing reservations for muslim terror outfits in educational institutions and Government offices. UPA will never accept their fault and always try to defend their Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil. (UPA members don't deserve Mr or Mrs in front of their names. Do they??? :P) A second attack on Shivraj comes from the media. These media people are so damn crooked that they had noticed this man changing his attire thrice on the day the bombs went off in Delhi. Media is losing its face in front of the Indian people and it has nothing more to lose now. With this being the state of media in the country, it's losing more of its credibility by focusing its attention on irrelevant happenings. What has Shivraj's attire got to do with the attack on Delhi which was actually the incident which the news roll was aiming at. Media and politicians are the eyes of a nation. Now, this nation is completely blind. SC has rightly thrown out a statement which really holds good in this country :

"Not even God can save this country"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Framed, framed and 'I am framed'..

Who said the number of English speaking heads in India is low? Turn on your TV sets. Switch on the news channel that proclaims itself to be 'The No:1 English News Channel in India' and it is their Time Now. News channels have learned the trick to thrive well in the competition and the key factor of the hour for these channels is to turn the limelight to criminals and politicians. And I pretty well know I could have stopped with 'Criminals' since the two make no difference. But, this blog is mine and should have my touch. It should be loooong!! I was watching a news cut on Arushi's murder case. Now, it has been really a long time since I saw that girl's picture and whenever the news rolls upon this issues, all one could see is the set of pictures of the murderers. I've been watching these criminals over a time now and there is something common in all the criminals and suspects in all other cases, including this one. They all come up with the same dialogue. "I am being framed!". To add the extra bit of anxiety to their tones, the news channel uses an exclamatory mark at the end of the statement. The world is so clear about the identities of these criminal cats and it's more than blatant that these people under scanner are the ones who have committed the crimes. But still, they say they are being framed. If my memory holds true, it was a politician in the first place who said "I am being framed!". What do they exactly mean by framing? Taking them into the courtyard for a trial? If that is what they are trying to implicate, then let me ask this to you once again. Who said the number of English speaking heads in India is low? Even criminals can convey their messages strongly through media in English and the most common message that would reach you from these criminals is "I am being framed!!!!!!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LHC-Latest Human Creativity..

This day marks the beginning of an important development in the field of Physics as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was switched on earlier today. The basic understanding will be provided by the simple explanation, though the processes involved in the operation are complicated to understand at the very first stroke. The idea is to collide two beams of same particle type with each traveling in a direction opposite to the other. I was startled by the very sight of the structure inside which a man was standing and he was almost invisible in front of the size of the massive tunnel like structure. The scientists say the two beams travel at almost the light speed, 99.9% the speed of light precisely, and they cross each other 300 million times a second while going around the circular tube that weighs around 4.4 million pounds and runs over a length of 27miles beneath the surface along the Franco-Swiss border. During this process, 600 billion collisions occur every second. Only the particles of the same type which can either be protons or bipolar ions, collide with each other and the superconductor arrangements shielding the collider for the whole of its span of 27miles prevent cross collisions and guide the particles through the ring arrangement.I consider this the greatest experiment man has ever conducted because the popular theories on light say light cannot be bent. They have been proven utterly wrong. This makes it a bigger leap in the world of science than what Armstrong managed to take on the moon's surface. But, the credits should be passed on to those theories that are wide off the mark which led the scientists to go beyond just experimentation and a blend of imagination and knowledge has given birth to this baby that plays with particles. Scientists have started imagining really big about the smallest of particles visible to human minds that they have all the information about the characteristics of protons and electrons and they even know how to guide these particles using the biggest device that man has ever constructed. The cross sectional view of the collider is as seen below :

If you didn't notice, there is a man standing right at the bottom of the giant tunnel. Though the structure looks massive, the light beams which will be traveling through the collider will be as thin as a strand of hair. The remaining empty space which is designed to satisfy the condition very much closer to vacuum, gives room for the sub-particles that are released during collisions. I wonder how much space these sub-atomic particles would occupy once released. If they are really sub-atomic and of the size my mind could land upon, then this tunnel structure is extremely extravagant for them. But, scientists can't be so sensible and that satisfies me with what would really happen inside the 27 mile tunnel. I read an article that said a single light beam emitted from the source of protons or ions charged to 7 TeV, is supposed to contain 3000 bunches that would go around the tunnel in a time interval which if measured would be the smallest value ever measured in terms of time. When the two beams are made to propagate in opposite directions, the particles in the beam are said to cross each other about 300 million times a second, making way for 600 billion collisions per second. This spells the release of what are known as 'God particles' at an awe-inspiring rate along with the emission of tremendous energy. To neutralize the energy and to bring them within the permissible energy bands, detectors and neutralizers are used all around the LHC, having 6 main detector points.


Producing the God Particles is the main purpose of this $7.7 billion project. The particles get the name for the reason that the Universe emerged from these particles. Thus, the objective of this 'beyond a common man's imagination' kind of scientific expedition is to produce the condition that prevailed immediately after 'The Big Bang' that led to production of basic building blocks of this Universe. The experiment can more closely be encountered as the one that compresses Big Bang within a 27 mile tunnel that is placed beneath the earth. But, this time, we can be sure of one thing. Several Gods in the form of scientists all over the world at different stations are available to monitor and control the functioning of the LHC which would soon turn into a gift from European Organization of Nuclear Research to understand the structure and the working of this ever expanding Universe.

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