Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spanking the kangaroos..

The undeniable fact is that Australian cricket lost its face in front of billions around the world. Indians have proved knockouts are not only the Kangaroos' trait but even Tigers can punch the hell out of the Australian cricketing spirit. Today, Australian bowlers were treated the way I treat my 10 year old nephew while we play cricket, by the Indian batsmen. Laxman and Gambhir own the credits since they paved the two parallel rails for the Indian train to run over the kangaroos. Gambhir was so confident which was reflected blatantly by the way he came down for almost all the deliveries Johnson bowled. Also, Watson wasn't really having the mindset to accept the fact that India is a better cricketing team than Australia and he vented his frustrations by raising his right arm in front of Gambhir's face while the latter was on his way to the other end for a run. This was where everything started and thus, Watson stand at the front unlike what the whole of Australian team alleges. While Gambhir was running back to the striker's end for converting the single into a double, he retaliated by hitting Watson on his bulky belly which gave the Eastern Pussies a reason to admonish the Indian side once again. Australians think the rule books are made only for the reference of other cricketing teams and not for them at all. They think they make the rules and hence they have all the legitimate rights to break what they suppose they make. This gray attitude of the team has led to the great downfall of the Australian cricket and cricket in Australia is deep down an awful depression. I often stress on the point that cricket is no more a Gentleman's game. I still hold on to this fact and once again, I'll put the existence of the game in Australia at the top of the list of reasons why it shouldn't be called that way anymore. After all, we can't expect good manners from the cricketers belonging to the land of hooligans.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slaughtering the kangaroos..

While the Australian batsmen are struggling hard to keep their ten pins intact, Indian batsmen are finding it really easy to give the Australians all the harsh treatments, which they missed to experience for all their arrogance behind their backs, they deserve for their negative attitude towards the game which was once called the Gentleman's game. It is no more a gentleman's play because Australians have stepped into the ring. Now, everyone will be wondering how Ponting managed to reach the magic triple figure in the first innings of the first test match because he was nowhere closer to a score that can be considered to be decent after that innings. Every time he stepped in, either Bhajji or Ishant made sure he walked out to the pavilion with his head down, similar to the way a graphical duck walks with a bat in its hand whenever a batsman throws away his wicket without adding anything good to the scorecard while playing against Australia in Australia. It's quite tough to ignore the delivery that Ishant bowled to Ponting which left the latter wondering what was that Ishant just threw at him, while producing a list of deliveries of the century. Ponting should understand only pitches are important when it comes to cricket. He should also realize silly body languages, funny taunts, senseless criticism, violent sledging and bubblegum shouldn't be given thoughts when a team is hunting down the other one in a game of cricket, similar to the way kangaroos are being slaughtered in front of millions by the tigers!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

India divided..

We often call our nation united on all basis. We say we stand together during troubled times. We talk about national integrity and the feeling of oneness. We find a current of excitement flowing within us whenever we hear a politician talking about binding the nation together and other crap. But, are we really together all the time? The word 'UNITy is missing almost everywhere in India. Each of us focus on what seems important to us as individuals and thus, our objectives are scattered which shakes the root of unification. This hampers what is known as balanced development in India. I watch news channels most of the times while sitting in front of the TV set. I am most interested in the news related to national issues and the show clouded over the incidents that led to the brutal attacks on North Indians in the so called modern city of India, Mumbai. When the place lacks even the smallest amount of tolerance, which is the fundamental requirement for a Democracy to function, how can it be considered a modern society? The news channel covered the incidents that resulted in brutal attack of Biharis and other North Indians by Maharashtrians. Why don't these people understand for heaven's sake that India is a democracy and every citizen has the right to move wherever he wants within the nation? Land areas and boundaries are all that which are sufficient for the Maharashtrians to set the spark the set the Biharis on flame. Though every single Maharashtrian knows that there is a big political ploy behind the whole scenario, they don't get their tails out of the mess and they are getting on the attacks more seriously than before. Cunning politicians and not so sensible people should understand that India has been divided into different states not to follow the 'Divide and Rule' trick followed strictly by the British. The division into states is to streamline the Governance of the nation. River Cauvery knows neither Kannada nor Tamil. But, the states divided on languages fight for getting their fair share of the water. Natural resources in the nation are available for everyone to use. Why is Karnataka presses so hard on such futile issues and arguments? Housing a Hi-tech city costs nothing more than few billion dollars. What helps in evaluating the state is its co-operation with its neighbors, which Karnataka has terribly failed at. Problem with India is that people are lazy to put their heads to good use by applying their minds on recognizing the path of development and the politicians are too cunning and able to apply more of their minds and time on devising strategies to make fools out of 120 billion people. Census says the literacy rate in India has been continuously going up every year. But, our behaviors don't make us look educated and sensible. We need to grow up.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ridiculous reservation..

If India is called a secular nation and if the law says everyone is equal irrespective of caste or creed, then why do we have reservations in India? Why do a section of people need reservations and why is that people are divided on the bases of their castes? Where is the sign of equality in this nation? Recently, I was requested by one of my friends to check the date for her M.B.A counseling. I visited the Madras University website and managed to get the schedule that showed a list of eligibility criteria for candidates to appear for the counseling session. I was flabbergasted to find that the difference in mark required to attend the counseling sessions for people belonging to Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe was extremely low, and insignificant, compared to the minimum mark, which was to be scored by people belonging to Forward caste to even think of a counseling session. The most disheartening fact was that the number of RESERVED admissions available for SC and ST people is extremely high and outnumbered the admissions available for FC people. As a result, most of the RESERVED admissions remain unfilled. But, almost all the admissions available for FC people will be taken up. What is the idea behind such an act of foolishness? What is the objective of reservations in India? I accept that SC and ST people need reservations as it is instrumental in building up their morale. But, why is that the number of reserved admissions is too high? Now, it looks like the FC people, who have the least number of admissions, are the ones who are being suppressed. The objective of reservations is to promote SC and ST people and not to suppress FC people. The guy in the hell, who came up with the term 'RESERVATION' in India, would have understood by now that he has got no way out of the place for committing such a blunder and spoiling the lives of millions of FC people. Ultimately, FC people are deprived of opportunities, which is a very bad sign for the nation's future. I don't think reservation is a good idea to encourage the weaker sections of the society. Instead, the Government could have drafted so many other plans to push those people who they think belong to weaker part of the society, which is actually not an appropriate term to make use of in a secular nation. Reservation is now being handled as a tool by the politicians in India to appease the common people, most of who don't belong to FC. With the number of FC being less compared to ST and SC in the country, Politicians are eying on the votes of billions of Non-FCs in the country to win a place in the Government. Demanding reservation is like begging for money. Calling reservation one of the rights of the suppressed class, which is once again an inappropriate term to use, is an act that makes screwing up the lives of FC people a law. Though the situations are getting harder everyday for FC people, they are actually the ones who fair better than their rivals to secure the top positions. This is the ability of FC people. As long as FC people live, even 90% reservation can't put any person from any other caste at the top. That is called efficiency, sincerity and hard work, lacking which makes one place his/her caste before the marksheets.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The book on mind reading..

Lately, I was searching desperately for a good book and I wasn't prepared to give much to the theme of the book. Some suggested me Dan Brown's Angels and demons. I've already got my hands on this book and it is now right at the top of my list of favorites! Several suggestions were flowing in. But, I was pretty sure that the book one liked need necessarily not produce the same kind of affinity when it comes to another person because, as we all know, opinions differ. So, I wasn't sure how far the suggested books would go within me. Hence, I questioned myself as to which book I should try this time. It's almost been 7 months since I took the books with more than 500 leaves in my hands and now, I don't think I have the patience to go through the entire book if it is going to be one of those heavily loaded books. That made me go for a book with the number of pages neither excessive nor insufficient even to call it a book. This book was penned by Gordon Mooer. The book talked about the hidden efficiency of a human mind and its capabilities that are unreachable even by human imaginations. I was so happy to spot a book that gave the exact difference between a mind and a brain, which are often considered to be synonymous to each other. But, Mooer clearly came out with the exact difference that differentiates mind from brain. Brain is a physical structure but mind is all about visions and thoughts that emerge from the brain. Scientists have coined term brain waves which originate from the brain when a person tends to think of something or when the subconscious mind starts working on its own without any voluntary stimulus. I always wondered what people meant by Peace of Mind. This book gave me a clear definition of mind that I now understand commonsense has got nothing to do with our brain. What originates from your brain in the form of thoughts is put into action that decides your commonsense. So, next time you find a senseless idiot annoying you, don't think he has got no brain. It's just that the quality of thoughts that emerge from his brain is too low to bear with for you! I just love going through this book since it has taught me everything an aspiring psychologists need to know in the beginning.

Chain with weak links..

They didn't know what they were doing. They had no clue who they are struggling for. They didn't even know whether it was really an act with a good cause. But, they stood strong in the making of the longest human chain ever made possible in the country even when it was raining. I won't call it a heavy downpour as some of the TV channels with strong political backgrounds did. In a city with a population of more than 7 crores, only few thousands participated in the human chain that had a span of 60 KM according to the media reports and the best part of the funny fable is that the human chain covered some of the most busiest parts of the city, thus making it too difficult even for the pedestrians to walk through. I doubt whether the people other than politicians who participated in the rally really knew what their message through the human chain motion was to the Central Government. If you are one of those who were standing as a link for the chain, let me tell you what you were doing exactly. You were supporting who are completely responsible for all the miseries the country of Sri Lanka is suffering today. You were a wet goat yesterday because the politicians wanted to make you look dumb while they were waving hands at you staying within their bullet-proof cars and Z-Grade security ring around them. You were supporting the people simply because they speak the same language as you do. You forgot the fact that it was with the help of a large section of these people that Sivaraj and Nalini managed to infiltrate India and succeeded in their attempt on the life of this nation's Prime Minister. You were standing on the street on an overcast day trying to be a redeemer for these people who have illegally occupied a big part of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a Government like India. They have their own Prime Ministers and his cabinet to decide on this issue. Understand that Sri Lanka isn't a part of India if that is what you were thinking while making a clown out of you yesterday. If trying to push the Sri Lankan Government to spare the lives of millions of Tamil people living in Sri Lanka is sensible from your scrutiny, then it is quite acceptable if the Sri Lankan Government tends to interfere in the internal affairs of India and forces the Government of India to do something about it since these militant groups haven't got their hands on Sri Lanka anytime in the past. It's always good for us to know our boundaries and stay within it. At the end of the day, we had the politicians resting at their places after successfully making fools out of thousands of Tamil people, you standing wet on the streets, causing one of the biggest and annoying traffic congestions in the city ever and the world looking down upon you as a muck!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Questioning from the tainted side..

The hot news of the day is someone from the most arrogant, unmindful and tainted cricketing team in the world has come up with an issue that is totally against the fact, which is very obvious. People are convinced that the allegations from this man, who is known by the name Adam Gilchrist, from Australia are baseless and against reality. It's quite natural to find an internationally popular personality getting on to his nerves as soon as he goes on air in front of a TV camera. But, Gilly was completely enthusiastic while penning his autobiography, which paved the way for him to take on the little master, Sachin Tendulkar. Gilchrist completely annihilated the fact that the Australians were solely instrumental in building the technique of sledging so strong. Also, the Australians made the term 'Mind games' more popular than the name 'George.W.Bush'. Mind game is the filtered term they used to cover up their negative and filthy aggression. No one could stand a player from such a ruthless team talking rudely about the greatest cricketer of all times. Silly Gilly alleged that Sachin contradicted himself while he appeared for the Bhajji's trial in front of the board of umpires and that he tried to protect Bhajji. Finally, this man came up with a harsh statement that questioned Sachin's honesty. Why couldn't Gilchrist remember the Sharjah series between the two countries when Sachin walked out even when umpire didn't raise his crooked finger? Does Gilly even really qualify to spell the word Honesty when he couldn't remember what happened to Indians in their recent tour of Australia? It was Gilly's captain who took the additional responsibility and told the umpire the catch was clean. Where was Gilly's honesty at that moment? Players, after moving away from the game, should try staying away from such careless comments also. Gilly's arteries went down in the quantity of tequila which he had before sitting with the pen and a book to scribble his biography and he realized he did something wrong few moments back. That was when he called up Sachin and apologized for going beyond the limits by calling him a 'sore loser' and quoting that it is very hard to find Tendulkar in the dressing room for a handshake after the game ends in a high note for Aussie. This is now very funny. Sachin has nothing to lose and the world now knows who acted like a jester in this issue. Gilly has everything to lose. He has just started to lose his fame and glory that he earned while he was online even though he was under the umbrella of pointless Ponting.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boom in the bloggers' world..

International markets are experiencing fatal financial crisis. Red glows all over the world markets starting from NASDAQ to NIKKEI. A part of the impacts of dropping share markets is felt on the food and oil prices, which have reached the levels that have never even been imagined of in the past. Name any industry and you would find it in the list of industries that possess broken statures in the economy today. Investors are not prepared to lend ears to what the Union Finance Ministry has got to say because the latter had always tried to soothe the former even when there were hard times approaching their pockets. The economic depreciation has been given a chance to engulf the nation by sparking what are known price hikes. When the cost of petrol per barrel has dipped below $80, which is the lowest value in the last 6 months, the petroleum ministry is unable to bring down the cost of a liter of petrol in India. The effect of inflation swung back to increase the magic figure of agony which reached a double figure very recently. You might be wondering what a blogger has got to do with all these misfortunes. Though these are unfortunate causes of inflation and price rise, bloggers from India are having a pleasant time under the hot sun while others are beaten by the heat. With the approaching economic crisis which started with U.S, the value of Indian currency has dropped to the record lowest value. This may indicate the signs of doomsday at India's doorstep. But, for the bloggers in India, this has brought the positive effect of inflation and weakened value of Indian Rupees against U.S.D. Now, I've earned around $700 through my blogs. A part of this amount reached my online account when the INR's value versus U.S.D was Rs.43. When I received the amount in INR, the value was Rs.47. Thus, for every American dollar, I managed to put up an excess Rs.4, which is flatly a bonus! Now, I don't know what I should do. I don't know whether I should feel bad for enjoying the happy turnover when the whole nation is suffering from critical economic crisis or feel good that I am capable of surviving the disaster called economic downfall.

Rules gone wrong..

Of late, we find so many changes in the traffic rules that are applicable within the city limits of Chennai. Helmets are made mandatory for bike riders. I always talk about this helmet issue whenever I talk about traffic policemen and anything related to them for I've dropped some bucks in their pockets, sometimes for not sticking on to the rules and sometimes for sticking to the rules but failing to convince these jerks in uniforms. At the end of the day, I hate them to the deepest core! Anyway, let me take you through the anomalies in the traffic rules we follow in Chennai. There are hard proofs available to stand firm on the fact that there is no coordination between the traffic police department, the oil ministry, health ministry and in fact, the whole Government. Today, the trend that is invading the minds of traffic policemen is "One-way or no way". Almost 30% of the main roads in the city, which were once used for two-way traffic, have been made one-way which, according to the police department, is an attempt to regulate and diversify the growing traffic in the city. Recently, I had been to Egmore and found that almost all the Roads at the junction had next to Pudupet had been turned into one-way roads. Something told me it's not going to be an easy task to reach the Commissioner's Office. I drove straight and when I was about to take a right, I found that the road is being used for one-way traffic and I had to go straight further. This isn't area with which I am quite familiar. So, I had no idea about the small roads in between the main roads which might probably take me to the destination in my mind. I reached the junction and now the rule is different. I am not allowed to take a right turn, though the road on my right is available for two-way traffic. The journey, straight down the road, continued with my bike running low on fuel. I reached another junction, where the signal timer continued flicking through the numbers for more than 2 minutes. At last I took a right turn, which was exactly the same I should have done 5 minutes back. Now, my destination lied to my right and I needed to take a right turn somewhere. I found a right and also a board that said 'No Right Turn'. But, the funniest part of the rule is that U-turn was allowed at that place. My journey on Kilpauk high road continued. The next right turn was a one-way. So, it kept me moving straight. Finally, the end of a long stretch came to an end and I found that I had reached the place from where my journey from Mount Road to Commissioner Office at Egmore. Thus, what I was left with in the end was a 'Pradhakshanam' around the Commissioner Office. I sought after the help of an auto-rickshaw driver, who, I was sure, would know even the smallest of streets in the city. He made me reach the place through a small street. Thus, I had a 5KM ride on my bike which should actually have been a 300 meter journey. Isn't this an idiotic act that puts down all the purposes of the oil ministry to bring down the oil prices? I was in great demand for petrol for my bike. Demand is the reason for the price hike. I could imagine the number of people who would have faced the same misery on bike as I did. That magnifies the demand which in turn gives Government no room to reduce the fuel cost. Since the entire traffic towards Egmore is diverted to Kilpauk High road, the congestion at the junction at the mouth of the main road has increased to several folds. Thus, the amount of exhaust gases let out in the atmosphere obviously goes up, which makes the conditions highly unhealthy. Thus, all the efforts of the Union Health ministry is made to go up in flames. I doubt whether Mr.Anbumani Ramadoss has the knowledge that smoking in public doesn't add as much smoke as the vehicle exhausts does to the atmosphere when the vehicle engines are put on idling at junctions and when the runtime of the vehicles on the roads increase due to congestion, which in turn leads to same effects on one's health as smoking. This reflects the complete lack of coordination between the different parts of the machinery called Government. Thus, the state has become a vehicle with the wheels at the rear end trying to go back while the wheels at the front pushing the system forward. And the system, which is the society here, stays right at the place where it was before the processes started, leading to stagnation!

Festive mood sets in..

The festival of lights is around the corner and the sky above the whole nation will be glowing for the next few days if one takes the bird's view. It's Diwali that we are inching closer to everyday! This is the most colorful and flamboyant festival one could think of. We should thank Lord Ram for giving all of us a reason to make the sky brighter than usual at nights for few days. Some, who are against Hinduism, may point to the fact that on the day of Diwali, pollution across the whole nation increases to a fatal level. Such ignorant facts should be eradicated from the Devil's workshop and such people should understand that Diwali isn't the only cause for pollution. Everyday, millions of factory outlets and billions of vehicles all over the world contribute in a major scale to pollution. Futile arguments shouldn't be pushed to the surface just because some have severe hatred for Hinduism. Diwali is not only a festival that spreads joy and happiness in the form of light. It is also an occasion that can remove the darkness dominating one's mind. Naragasuran, the devil in the form of human, inflicted pain to several people and there was no room for happiness in his kingdom. The purpose of Lord Ram's birth was to bring the miseries of people to an end by vanquishing Ravana, who is depicted as a human with 10 heads. After defeating Ravana and saving Seetha from his demonic clutches, Lord Ram proved his benevolence by offering a wish for Ravana. Unlike the villains the movies depict today, Ravana realized his mistakes before his life came to an end and wished for something nobody would have even thought of quoting as a wish. He wanted the people all over the world to celebrate the day he died and he wanted the day to be called Deepavali, which, over the time, turned into Diwali. Now, after experiencing 22 years on this earth with some really bad people, I don't find Ravan really bad. I doubt whether Lord Ram would be able to repeat the history now for weeding some of the unwanted elements in the nation who are personifications of evil. Let us hope this Deepavali spreads light on the minds of such blackened minds. Let’s spread the joy in the form of light! Happy Deepavali fellas!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Music and movies..

I am a hardcore music lover. It's one thing apart from my blogger friends and other intimate mates that keeps me going when I decide to make a blog post in here. That is one of the reasons for adding this widget to my blog that plays music automatically when someone visits it. When I am listening to a good song, especially a TAMIL song, I feel really easy to club my ideas together without any obscurity. I don't why this happens but I feel plainly comfortable with my blog when music hits the background. If asked to rate the quality of music, I would put TAMIL songs at the top followed by English genres. I won't spare time thinking about the Hindi music world because such a thing doesn't exist. What actually comes from Bollywood is a Hindi NOISY world. Very rarely, good music comes from Bollywood and you would find the man behind the successful reach of the songs in South India will once again be from South India. [A.R.Rahman ;-)]. Tamil music has the essence to go deep within anyone except those that are technically termed 'KUTHU' songs. Sometimes, even these songs sound better than the ones that come from Bollywood after the music scorers spent so many precious hours in them. Bollywood is almost full of noisy tracks which don't sound pleasant for many. Lately, I tried to develop an inch of interest in me for bollywood music. I listened to the song 'Hello' from the movie 'Hello'. It was so boring and carried the same old hindi tradition of going the Western way. I guess people from bollywood think they are right on track to take Indian cinema closer to Hollywood. But, the fact is that they are damping the Indian movie industry's development by concentrating more on making movies that look very similar to their Hollywood counterparts. And they have even attempted to build the so called King Khan's image as big as Tom Cruise's in Hollywood. I have spotted Tom Cruise giving a touch to his hairstyle for his movies. The only change that this man from Bollywood managed to produce is a 6-pack. And his hair style remains the same from Baazigar to Om Shanthi Om. Thus, I feel if Bolllywood tries to turn a bit of its attention towards the improvisation of its music world, it will be helpful for the Indian movies. I find the Malayalam songs really good and I don't know why people don't celebrate Mallu songs and go for NOISY tunes. That is the only magic Bollywood came up with so far. So, my suggestion to all my fellow Indian bloggers is to listen to either Malayalam or Tamil songs while blogging if you are wishing to build an extremely well-shaped blog. If you want to produce a blog as irregular as Bollywod, listen to Hindi songs. If possible, watch Shah Rukh Khan's movies before you start with your blog so that you can get the 'Worst Blogger Award' if not the best. :-P

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One full year of blogging!!

Finally, I've reached the place I aimed to be at exactly 365 days back in the past! I've been trying to keep up with my blog for the past 1 year and I guess I have successfully managed to build a good one. I was going through all the posts I had published in the past and I am point-blank satisfied by the way I have handled the titles and the topics. I am not trying to blow my trumpet. But, I have succeeded, for the first time in my life, in an attempt to feel self-satisfied. I am in fact very much pleased by my intentions to blog about topics that normally won't be considered for developing blogs by those millions of better bloggers out there in the world. I struggled really hard in the beginning to push my kid into the vast blog world. At first, I felt so small on looking at bloggers who were too professional and had the expertise in them to make some of the world's best blogs. I started blogging just to experience the elation when I see what ran through my mind blended with the blog template to produce the effect of a real and quality website. I was so happy after publishing my first post because I lifted myself to the status of Google's owner, though I don't who it is, since I own a niche right here like Google in the world of web. My initial posts were too long for the readers to go through completely and some of my friends even brought the request to reduce the number of words I used in my posts to me. It has become a habit now and I still couldn't get out of 'make-big-posts' practice. I owe my friends everything I earned through this blog in the form of bucks and many international blogger friends because they kept the thrust behind me steady and kept me moving deeper into the blog world. I don't know where I would be placed if I stand against other good bloggers I know today. But, I won't be disheartened even if I win the last place in the list starting with the best in the business. At the end of the day, a place in the list of bloggers is all I need and I want to make sure I don't find anything missing in me which might honestly be considered essential to make a good blogger out of anyone. And I couldn't drop out of this post without citing some of my good blogger friends, though each and every single blogger is held close to my heart, who are so nice to exchange messages and links with me habitually and helped me stay right on the track. Here are some of the best bloggers I enjoyed being with :

Ria Stevenson

Articles Blogger

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Friends, thank you so much for making me a blogger. I love you all!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Degrading dress code..

What do you see in this picture posted above? An auto-rickshaw trying to make a U-turn at the other end? An auto-rickshaw taking a right turn? A black Ford Ikon trying to take a right turn from the far end of the picture? Yes. You can find all these things in this picture. And you can also spot the cyclist to your left looking at a clown in white shirt standing right at the middle of the road doing nothing. Don't mistake him for a vagabond. Actually, he is one of those vagabonds who are given uniforms and codes of conduct and also the name 'Traffic policemen'. They have a department. They make themselves responsible for maintaining law, order and discipline among the drivers on the roads of Chennai, which are gaining good shapes these days. They have even listed down a number of rules to be followed by the drivers and especially bike riders lately. All these rules are, according to these scavengers of money in uniform, drafted to ensure safety. My question is, whose safety are they trying to ensure? I am quite sure they are more worried about the gloomy days yet to be faced by Indian economy and they have already started filling up their bank accounts using the money which they get mostly from bike riders, to ensure their families remain safe when the whole nation is in grief. These traffic constables call helmet a part of a bike rider's dress code. And they say it's a must for a rider to have a helmet protecting his head while riding a bike. They are more concerned about the riders' dress code. But, look at this man in Khaki pants and white shirt in the picture above. Look closely at the picture. I know you have spotted that the beggar bound by baseless rules has not put on his rain boots. If you have a good vision, you can find another policeman at the far end of the picture, near the black Ford Ikon. You can find him in his rain boots. I accept that rain boots are not a part of their uniform. But, I don't think a pair of toilet slippers is a part of their dress code either. Are they? I never knew Chennai Traffic police department has brought some comfortable changes for making the traffic constables feel good when they become a mere spectator looking at the moving vehicles hours together, standing under the shade and rarely dropping out of it to stop a vehicle for the valuable insurance papers, which if missing would make them ask for the really valuable piece of paper called money. I can't stop imagining the other developments that would have their roots in the department very soon. What do you know? If this is a deliberate change in the dressing code followed by the traffic police, then I could guess the next big changes in line that would be brought upon these maggots. Low waist short pants, Nike shoes, sleeveless low drops, tattoos on arms and also on the bulky bellies, pierced ears and a haircut that appears like contour farming. After all, these would look really cool and comfortable. Won't they? :-P

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ultra-modern cities???

Chennai is becoming more sophisticated and advanced in terms of lifestyle, economy, opportunities and entertainment without giving up its image as a cultural hub. With cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad failing terribly in an attempt to acclimatize themselves to the lifestyle of Western hemisphere, Chennai made sure it followed its own unique way of development and progress. Initially, people were laughing at the way Chennai projected itself as a metropolitan city without a big number of night clubs and party floors which the people from above mentioned cities thought were the sign of development. Now, the world laughs at these cities for their ignorance about the real meaning of development and turning a city into a metropolitan on the map. I feel really bad for those cities because they thought they were right on track of development without carrying the reality in their minds, which is actually that they were going exactly the wrong way. Following the way people live in the Western world is good for a developed nation in the East. But, we should not forget India is a developing nation that has a heavy load of 120 billion people on its back and trying to imitate westerners is a blunder which the so called developed cities in India committed. First of all, how can certain cities alone be considered as developed parts of the nation when the whole nation is called a developing one? Isn't the word integration missing right at the root of this point? Development doesn't mean bollywood or night clubs or dance floors. Development doesn't even mean good looking girls wearing Low waist jeans and t-shirts with quotes on them that contain the words 'WANNA' or 'GONNA' in the places of 'WANT TO' or 'GOING TO'. People from these cities should understand development is a collective term that covers criteria like employment, literacy rate, specific, per capita income, establishments in various fields of business and the like. Just because a state owns Nasik, the capital of the state can't be called the New York of India. Chennai survives majority of these criteria, though not all. When it comes to industrial development and literacy rate, Chennai is several folds better than Mumbai or Hyderabad. People have just started to show themselves as trendy. According to a recent survey, among all the cities, the Chennai people spend more on entertainment and thus, Mumbai is beaten to the floor even when it comes to considering entertainment as the main criterion to judge the development of a state. Thus, I cannot search for words other then 'THE BEST' for Chennai and 'SATISFACTORY', though not completely, for other cities which proclaim to be completely ultra-modern, rich and decent.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Grief-stricken kitten..

I know what comes to your mind immediately after viewing the picture I've put up here. This is the first time I am talking about my kittens on my blog. This is also the first time I am talking about my personal experiences in bringing up four young ones belonging to the cute cat family which found a place to dwell in my house. These kittens are cute, They are cute, They are adorable. And they are completely mischievous. My parents were totally against the idea of keeping these four kittens in the house which looked smaller than my palm immediately after their birth. They even told me they can find a good shelter for them somewhere outside on the road. The very word 'Road' crushes all the safety that could possibly be provided to these kittens till they grow large enough to at least run away from common threats like stray dogs, bigger cats and the vehicles driven by ruthless drivers.

I couldn't imagine these small and innocent creatures suffering the agony of which would be forced on them if they are exposed to the world outside my house. Hence, I decided to keep them safe within my room so that none of my family members would be bothered by these kittens. Initially, they faced serious threats from bigger cats and one huge cat almost brought the life of brawny, the golden-brown kitten in the above picture, to an end when he was just 2 months old. About a month back, the kitten that is white with patches of light golden-brown which can be found sitting briskly while the other three are dozing off fast, suffered a severe stomach disorder. From the way he moved around the place, I realized there was something terribly wrong with his stomach. Also, his mew was not as loud as the other three. One day, I found that his stomach had started bulging and that was when I knew he was critical. I searched the net for some remedies but found nothing. The next day, he lost control of the saliva production in his mouth and I found lathers around his mouth. I knew it was too late. But, I couldn't find a way to help him. He was just 3 months old when these symptoms were detected. His body temperature started increasing and that was when I came to know he was suffering from a severe bacterial infection. It was too late now. He started counting his hours. For one last time, I wanted to hold the kitten I loved to play with in my hand. His eyes reflected how tired he was. I looked into his eyes and felt he was asking me to help him get the problem out of his stomach. I was pathetic. I couldn't look at him after that since he started struggling awfully. He stopped moving around. He sat at a place for more than 8 hours continuously without food and water. It was 3.30 A.M when I left him in my room and went out to the hall. I was back to the room at 6.30 A.M just to find three kittens sitting beside an immobile kitten with its jaw wide open. He finally escaped the pain he had been suffering for few days then. I wasn't prepared for the job but I knew I had no choice. I dug the grave for him at the backyard and buried him with a heavy heart, with the hope that he will reappear in the form of a plant very soon.

I wasn't prepared for another such incident and very soon, Blacky, the black kitten, started suffering the same symptoms as his brother did before he went to the heavens. I wanted to act quick and sensible and took the three kittens to a vet clinic. The doctor diagnosed the real cause of what the kitten suffered from. It was a kitten fever which would cost the kitten's life if left unnoticed. He injected the white kitten with black and brown spots and Blacky since they were running on a moderate temperature. Brawny seemed to be extremely normal, and a bit overactive, and hence the doc decided to vaccinate him. The total cost of all the injections was $20. I never cared about the money. I want the kittens to be alive as long as they are with me. And also after they go out of the house into the wide world. Now, the three kittens are in great shape and they have grown big! But, they are so affectionate towards me which prevents them from going out of my room during night times. All they need to have a peaceful night sleep are Air-conditioner that should run for about 20 minutes, a warm and cozy blanket to make themselves secure in it. After all, they are living creatures smaller than human beings. Their lives are in no way inferior to our lives. They are as important as human beings are to me. :-)

As far as this kitten is concerned, I would remember him as long as my I meet him again in the heavens. :-)

Goa's jinx..

It's too early now to forget the unfortunate tourists' murders in Goa and before we could annihilate such bad memories from our mind, another one such incidents has come up cracking the surface. This time the scenario is set around the son of a minister of Goa. It's very disheartening to find the ministry that comes under this minister's ordinance. This is the education minister of Goa and the son is now a part of Police's wanted list for molesting a minor foreign girl, who was here to enjoy her in Goa vacation. This is an example case that shows how bad and weak the law and order in our country are. Police started searching for the boy as soon as they received the news and the search was made stronger since the number of crimes against foreign tourists is increasing at an appalling rate everyday, in spite of the fact that the criminal involved in this case is the son of one of the most influential ministers in Goa. I was quite satisfied by the way police department worked towards the case and tried to put the criminal behind the bars. But, the bad news I stumbled on this morning is that cops have deferred the case against the son for now and the politician claims that his son is innocent, which is a very common statement that most of the politicians come up with after their close ones get into trouble. None of us know what happened behind the screen which stopped the inching of police towards getting their hands on the criminal who cares to give nothing to the glory of this nation. But, we can be sure something very bad has taken place against the law behind the screen just because it's a politician's son who is into trouble now. Can law do anything to bring justice to the foreign girl who was 14 when this incident happened? Where is the equality here? Can the courts now take a chance and prove that it still stays above Government by providing the perfect verdict in this case? Are the police capable of working independently without the influence of politicians who work only for their welfare? The answer is one and the same for all these questions. NO! That's it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inconvenient insensitivity..

When it comes to creating turmoil in the state and eventually across the whole nation, and threatening the allies, no one come closer to even the foot of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, which works under the cap of Karunanidhi, who doesn't seem to possess even a hint of mercy for the Central Government as his name proclaims. The economy is hitting rocks and going out of proportion every second. This has kept the Central Government extremely busy in searching for an alternative to pull the nation out of the trench. At such a crucial point of time, the irresponsible Government of Tamil Nadu under Karunanidhi's inefficient leadership has started pressing its requirements hard on the desks of Central Government. I never knew D.M.K people are so ignorant that they never understood that India and Sri Lank are two different countries. The party expressed itself to be furious over the deaths of thousands of Tamil people in Sri Lanka in the regions occupied by the Tamil Tigers, who are nothing but militants fighting against democracy in the country of Sri Lanka. D.M.K came up with a senseless idea to appease the tamil people which is to force the Central Government to stop aiding Sri Lanka in its battle against Tamil people of the land. When it happens in Sri Lanka, it is left to the Government of Sri Lanka to scrutinize the situation and proceed with necessary measures. How can a human, though a barber in the past, be so stupid to ask the Government to interfere in the internal affairs of a neighboring country? A political party can't be so idiotic to support a bunch of people in some other country, who are suspected to stir the already hostile environment to intensify the battle between the Government and the Tamil tigers, who are considered as terrorists in Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi is holding the wrong end of a hot rod and has gone out in support of those in Sri Lanka just because they speak the same language as we do in Tamil Nadu. People are not sure whether Karunanidhi is aware of the fact that he is supporting a group of people, a part of which supports the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers or most popularly, TERRORISTS. Now, the reason behind D.M.K's loud cry for the cessation of POTA is quite clear. It was D.M.K which once hoisted its voice to declare Tamil Nadu as an Independent country free from India and unite it with the governance of Sri Lanka. This might just be the beginning of a second attempt that D.M.K is making to commit more blunders than ever before in the piece of land obtained by merging Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka together.

The God with a bat..

When the whole nation is worried about the gloomy twists the economy has been going through, a momentary relief came in the form of a guy from Mumbai. When he was as young as 17, he stepped into the world of cricket and started his journey as the most successful cricketer ever. The cricketer of the millennium, Sir. Donald George Bradman, had met this young cricketer so many times after his extraordinary performances. Thus, he made sure he meets The Don of Cricketing world habitually by holding on to his class in cricket. Sir Don Bradman had also mentioned that if there could be anyone who is capable of bringing down all his records in cricket, that would be this young boy who he met frequently. Such is the talent of this boy who has been ruling the bat and the ball for more than 18 years now. He is now 36 and he still looks the way he appeared when he first entered the ground. Today, he is the reason behind the smiles and joy millions of people in India. He is now the God of Cricket and I respect him more than anyone else in the business. So, it's appropriate for me to stay away from using this God's name which is my attempt to pay the rightful respect the God deserves. Today, he managed to cross the magic figure of 11,953 and the nation had been waiting for more than two test series for the master batsman to achieve this landmark. It has never been easy for this legend to stay at the crease for a long time because the opponents would always be keener in making him remove his helmet, which he does in the dressing room only after throwing away his wicket, than winning the game. That makes him more precious than the game. But, he is a skillful sculptor who carefully shaped every single innings he played. That makes the job tougher for the opponents. No matter how hard and efficient a bowler is, unless luck saves him, he can't even think of toppling the Little Master's wicket. Today, he has proved his worth yet again by becoming the highest run scorer in test matches, surpassing another legend's record score of 11,953, who is from West Indies. A single blog post is extremely meager to talk about the achievements of a cricketing legend who is set to break almost all the possible records with the bat. But, by not addressing to him on my blog, I would be doing an injustice to the nation and a really talented cricketer who has all the recognition one needs in the world.

Warming is harming us..

Today, the need of the hour is a proper understanding of the causes and effects of 'Global Warming'. My definition of Global warming is:

"It is the process of converting Mother Earth into planet Venus"

Let us take a look at the effects of global warming so that we can expect a tinge of seriousness in us when we study the causes.

Can you imagine pushing your life on Venus, which is often referred to as the Sister planet of Earth, that has a surface temperature of about 500 degree Celsius?? This is what is exactly happening to our Earth. The Earth's average surface temperature has risen by 2 C` in the past 500 years, which may sound small considering the time it has taken to rise from 13 C` to 15 C`. But, it has a number of hazardous effects on Earth's health. The rising global surface temperature is the main cause for melting of polar ice caps, which house some of the largest glaciers on Earth. This has triggered the increase in the sea levels. If this state continues, we can be sure cities like Chennai and New York will turn into civilized seabed 30 years from now. The problem with Global warming is that it can't be completely controlled because the temperature has already risen and started a chain reaction in the earth's atmosphere as a result of which the amount of Greenhouse gases present in earth's atmosphere is steadily increasing. This means we can expect the temperature to increase at a rate faster than the one at which it has been moving all along.

Now, it's necessary to posses some knowledge about the causes of Global warming.

There are certain gases in the atmosphere like carbon-di-oxide and methane, which are otherwise known as Greenhouse gases. These gases are capable of allowing the infrared radiations emitted by the sun into the earth's atmosphere but do not allow the radiations reflected back from the Earth's surface out of the atmosphere. With no way out, the absorbed heat starts increasing the temperature of the atmosphere which causes a disturbance in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere. This leads to a thermal imbalance in troposphere that once again excites Greenhouse gases and the whole process takes place again in a cycle, which ends only when Earth's life comes to a hot end. In addition to the amount of Carbon-di-oxide present in the atmosphere, the motor vehicles we use, which run on petroleum products, emit a large volume of the treacherous gas that is enough to take the average surface temperature of the Earth to alarming values. Thus, in order to keep the Earth alive for years to come, switching over to battery-powered vehicles is an option we have in front of us today, though it sounds quite tough. Burning fossil fuels adds massive volumes of Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. But, without coal, which is one of the fossil fuels, the thermal power plants we have would run out of feedstock. Since even a day without power has now become unimaginable, combustion of fossil fuel is a necessary evil. But, we always have the alternatives in the form of renewable resources like wind energy, hydro energy and solar energy. Thus, our motto to save Earth is "When we can, we should". When we can make use of renewable energy sources, we should make good use of them.

Our Mother Earth isn't just a clump of rocks, clay and sand. It's the only place in the vast universe, as far as we know till now, which is highly generous to support our lives. You might find Earth very warm few years from now. Don't think that is because of your realization of Earth's love for you. It would actually be a sign of danger that resulted from all the anti-Earth activities we carried out in the past. It's Global Warming at our doorstep. It's late now. Let us rectify our mistakes before it becomes too late. Responsibility is now in our hands. Save Earth. Save yourself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Questions that return no answer..

I've been busy applying mind on what is happening in the Indian political arena. Since the stage was too big and mind boggling, I jumped out of it and started thinking about the funny political ideologies that are followed in Tamil Nadu not only by the politicians, but also by those related to Film industry. Today, I was watching this news cut on reservation in India for people belonging to minority groups. As usual, I yawned more than twice watching the politicians play the trick on these minority people, who think the Government is really trying hard to restore equality in the society. Tamil Nadu's Chief minister has stated that :

"Tamil people can't be separated by religions and they will never brook anything to come as a threat to the harmonious environment in Tamil Nadu"

I don't why politicians release such futile statements which contradict all their actions in the past and the present. My question is, if Tamil Nadu Chief Minister feels religion should not become a factor to divide people, then what is the need for reservation? Even reservation acts as a tool that divides people into several castes, which once again points towards division among the people. If he feels equality is the need of the hour, then why is he so stubborn in his stand to make Tamil Nadu the only state where reservation percentage is as high as 65? Why is he trying to divide the people on the basis of reservation using their castes? Isn't abolition of reservation necessary in order to eradicate partition based on caste? By voicing up for reservation, the Chief Minister is actually confusing the people by not letting them know what he is really trying to do.

During one of his speeches, he mentioned that Brahmins are traitors who have let down Tamil and are more inclined to Sanskrit. I can understand there is no chance of a man, who was once a barber, knowing more about the ancient literatures scripted in Tamil which sing the praises of Vishnu. I guess this man has no knowledge of Alwars and Nayanmars. The works of twelve Alwars are immense in number and all their works are in Tamil, which can't be completely translated by anyone who has great expertise in Tamil because, the words which are used by these devotees of God are extremely old and most have them have already vanished from usage. Thus, I can come up with strong and undeniable proofs to show the world that Brahmins are actually the only ones who toiled to keep the heartbeat of Tamil flicking and not this guy who Governs Tamil Nadu, though he calls himself 'Kalaignar'. I wonder why he should even be called one. If haircut is an art, I can spend time to think whether he should really be called a 'Kalaignar' for he might be as bad at haircut as he is at politics.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The bearded brute..

Have you seen the guy in the picture above anywhere in Tamil Nadu? I bet you wouldn't have because he is dead and so are his philosophies which often sounded as stupid as the picture appears. E.V.Ramasamy is the name of this bearded brute. Opinions differ and that makes me respect the opinions which atheists might hold on to. But, I can't control my temper when I find atheists crossing their limits and trying to attack the sentiments of believers of God. During the period when Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu started gaining strength, this guy, who was also known by the name Periyar, was in such a vigorous flow to attack Hindus and especially Brahmins. He called himself an atheist and went around the state attacking Hindu temples and Hindus verbally. He brought black as a color to oppose believers. But, is he really an atheist like all his dumb followers think till today? The answer is flatly a no! This guy, who behaved like a goon throughout his life, had the grit to attack Hinduism and Hindus. His arrogance took him to the extent of breaking Lord Vinayaka's statue after defaming the lord, who is worshipped by billions around the globe, by placing a pair of slippers right at the top of the idle. This is what would happen if asylums fail to take the retards under their custody. This is the greatest extent to which a religion followed by billions can be insulted. This old man didn't possess the mettle to do the same to other religion because he was yet another politician who wanted to appease those who belong to religions other than Hinduism. Then how can he call himself to be a man of his words? An atheist is totally against the concept of God. He took it on Hinduism because Hindus are soft, tender and harmful and there can be no one more tolerable than a Hindu. The brute took advantage of this fact and played all the dirty games he could. Now, his philosophies have almost gone up with the flames and only a handful of people remember him and his appearance which was not at all attractive even when he was a young chap. A few political parties in Tamil Nadu still make use of his name (definitely not his fame, because he never earned that) to make fools out of people who once believed in God. Forged atheists like this man, who feel others around should follow what they find good, should be weeded out of the society so that people can live and also make their opinions live peacefully. I am not against atheism. As I've mentioned earlier, opinions differ. But, I am against atheists who try to attack a particular religion just for the sake of popularity. If you don't accept with this and if you are a supporter of this man, can you tell me what the reason behind his attacks only on Hindus was? Does that mean he believed in Jesus Christ and Allah? Do you know what name we should use to refer to this man who was an atheist when it came to Hindus and a passive soul when dealing with other religions? What do you call someone who is half a male and half a female? The two names are one and the same. It's E.V.R.

The worst Indian air crash ever..

Today, the people of India witnessed an unfortunate mishap that has literally sucked the lives out of almost 1000 people who were working for the aviation industry till last night. Two of the leading airliners, Kingfisher and Jet, struck a deal to overcome the heavy economic crisis which started affecting the aviation industry now. The purpose of the deal is to rationalize the air traffic route which these two airliners are enjoying right now. The aviation fuel prices are going up steadily as a result of the duty that has been applied on these fuels and also because of the international oil crisis. The exact plan that has been sketched by these two leaders in the business gives them a relief by merging the services of the two airliners and thus reduces the expenses each of them put across the services they have been rendering so far without giving up on the quality. This has also paved the way for job cuts as a result of which more than 1000 Jet airways employees are at the verge of losing their jobs. Vijay Malya was so shrewd that he made sure no one went against him while going through this deal and all his employees are safe with their jobs. Malya never opted for job cuts on his side and pursued Naresh Goyal of Jet airways to take care of the bitter part of the fable, who was prepared to face the consequences since the company was desperate to catapult its name to the apex very soon. This has resulted in several hundreds of Jet employees, most of who were members of the on-board crew, losing their lives which were aviating to greater altitudes till last night. The worst part of such a carefully planned screw-up deal was that most of these employees who have been fired never knew that they are jobless until they reported for the duties today in the morning. The disheartening fact is that some of the crew members who have been fired were still under the probation period. By striking such a disproportionate deal with Kingfisher, the owner of which had already been made to bite the dust by the poorest performance of the Royal Challengers during the first season of I.P.L T20 cricket matches, Jet has lost the momentum it carried with it while trying hard on its own to fly high!

Arrogant Aussies..

Unfortunately, the first test between India and Australia ended in a draw. As an ardent Indian cricket lover, I expected the match to go India's way after the great recovery produced by Zaheer and Bajji, who had been burdened with the extra responsibility to prove their worth with the bat. Zaheer stole the show from the Australians who seemed venomous and strong but proved that they are a bunch of 11 clowns who lost their course after the Turbanator and Zaheer took charge of the bat. When top order batsmen like Sachin and Laxman couldn't hold on to their crease for long, these two boys who are on the side just to take care of the bowling department did more than what was actually expected from them and proved the world Australians aren't as hard as they used to describe themselves. Had Bajji not been affected by the first degree cramp on his left leg, he would have stayed for a much longer time at the crease and would have even made efforts to reach his first test match century. To avoid making him feel lonely, Zaheer would have jumped in the party to put up another 3 figure individual score on the scorecard. Australian bowling lacked the vigor that was found in it when bowlers like McGrath occupied a spot in the team. Also, the side lacked basic courtesy and respect for the game and the opponent players as well. Even after ICC warned players to stay away from on-field sledging, Shane Watson tried to play dirty tricks on Zaheer who was in a great touch with his bat. Watson was totally unlucky because all his efforts went up with the flames and Zaheer moved steadily towards a half century. Australians were totally lost and Ponting would have started weeping right in front of the Bengaluru crowd for being such an ineffective captain and failing to capitalize on the initial breakthroughs in the form of Sachin's and Laxman's wickets. His frustration burst out at the end of the game and he took it on Zaheer for a general press statement released by the latter. Now, the entire Australian nation is frustrated by the way Indians stole the limelight and the Australian media found this as a better one than a good reason to drag the Indian team over the coal. The media came up with whatever issue was available which can rightly be defined by few words like senseless, stupid, absurd, insane and everything more close to these. Allegations are totally against Dada, who, according to Australian media, forced the umpires to consider stopping the play temporarily due to bad light. I never knew Australian media are so stupid and I thought Indian version is the worst in the world. A batsman can request the umpires to consider dropping the play for few minutes in case the quality of light becomes too low. They proceed by saying that Ganguly took 5 minutes to enter the field back again after all the Australian team members came out to the field. Hey, what were the Australians doing the whole day? Were they waiting for these 5 minutes to bag the 6 wickets that were left at that time? 6 wickets in 5 minutes? Are they trying to tell us Australians made it a part of a big plan to make a world record by capturing 6 wickets in 5 minutes after giving up all the time they were left with on that day? This forces me to conclude with only one statement.

'We've been watching our Indian players play against a team of 11 jesters for the past 5 days who were trained by a master jester in the name of a coach'

Monday, October 13, 2008

The mutual development..

Today, there are millions of bloggers out there and everyone wants the world to see their blogs. Thus, popularity is what all the bloggers expect today. In one of my previous posts, I've discussed about the best way to increase your traffic at no cost. That is the technique which involves the effective use of Cbox. I couldn't find a better way to reciprocate visits. If you are able to visit 50 different blogs a day, you are sure to get back at least 4o visitors to your blog on the same day because all the active bloggers will be so much addicted to their blogs that they stay online for almost 8 hours on their blog to check whether they have received any new visitor. If they find a new visitor as expected, they will be extremely delighted to give you back a visit which means your visitors as well as you are mutually building your respective blogs. This way, each blogger can support each other and pave the way for development of the blogs and this ensures the quality of the blogs reach higher standards. I found a hidden gift in Cbox technique. It's the way you can use the widget to boost your Pagerank. Cbox is now the tool which takes you to millions of blogs which some of the best bloggers in the world are working on. This means you get a chance to step on blogs that have good pageranks. When you understand the tactics to pursue the bloggers to add your blog link to their blog, the possibility of your blog's pagerank going up is very high. But, it is quite tough to make your link appear on quality blogs initially because adding a blog with pagerank lower than the blog in which the link is to be added would have a negative effect on the blog next time when Google runs pagerank update. If you are a beginner and if you are lucky enough to push your blog link into one of those blogs out there with high pageranks, you can count on your blog to get you more visitors soon who would wish to exchange links with you in the future. So, always make sure you exchange links with either blogs having pageranks same as yours or blogs with higher pageranks. That is the secret to keep your blog running for years to come!

Sentiments tested..

Being a hardcore, non-violent and a follower of Hinduism who knows how to respect people belonging to other religions, I was plainly furious over the statement released by the senseless Indian Government which doesn't know the real meaning of secularism and continues to hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus around the globe. Lately, the issue over the Ram Sethu has gained some disturbing noises in the country from different political parties that are in the race for winning petty minority votes. In an attempt to appease Muslim and Christian minorities, the Central Government has taken a wrong turn today. The Congressmen, who are solely responsible for the crumbling image of India in front of the world nations, try to project themselves as a secular Government and go around calling this country a secular nation. But, do you know what the reality is? This country is no more secular and it has become a place to live only for all those who don't belong to Hinduism, which was once not only a religion but a tool that helped the culture in 'Bharath', as India was known this way before things started turning bad, rise to a great height by producing two of the Greatest Epics of all time, Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Kamban, who scripted Ramayana and made the epic available for us in Tamil today, used this phrase from Ramayana :

"Vaanarangal padai soozha kattiyem kottai, ippaalamen kaalam kooru;
Ummodu empadai thazhaya, ivvodu nee avvalai seru"

These were the words which Hindus believe were spoken by Lord Hanuman immediately after the bridge, which is now known as Ram Sethu, was constructed. If the center can neither read Tamil nor Sanskrit, they should have tried to approach someone who knows about these things better than those goons in the Central Government. Without giving the hindus any chance to prove the truth, Center has released a statement that would hurt any Hindu alive today. The statement is :

"Ram Sethu has got no link to Hinduism in any way"

Center won't believe that Ram Sethu has everything related to Hinduism even if Hanuman appears in front of them and gives them an oral report about the bridge because, its a congress Government and this is India and they are politicians and truth has no value compared to minority votes in this country! Did any Hindu tell the Center Government that the bridge has no relevance to the religion? When it is considered sacred by a large number of people, why can't the center just throw away the issue? What is the need for such a passage between India and Sri Lanka? Won't that become an easy inlet into India for Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers? Is Central Government trying to strike a balance between the North and South India by letting the number of terror activities increase in the South to match the North? To add to the list, the atheistic Government in Tamil Nadu, who are atheists only to Hindus, support the project and that is not a big surprise.

One should understand that Hindusim doesn't own this country.
It's Hinduism which is the only thing this country owns!

Betrayal of something this country owns has already had some serious consequences on the country's state in the past. Future is quite gloomy. Only Ram can save us from here!

Maya messes up with Rai Bareli..

This is a part of Uttar Pradesh which is one of the states in India where literacy rate, and hence, the employment rate is quite low compared to states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The central Government sketched a plan for the well-being of the state and came up with an idea to setup a railway coach factory at Rai Bareli. Initial steps were taken at a fast rate including the massive land allotment by the state government. Miss.Mayawati, Chief Minister of U.P, made sure nothing on her part appeared against the interest of the state and never let her misunderstandings with the Congress at the center rise up in front of the people. But, she always had something that made her uncomfortable while trying to go hand in hand with the Congress within her. She was not psychologically ready for a tie up with the Congress. But, she can't come out with such a fact at a time when people of her state are celebrating her as their savior and protector of the rights of minorities and especially when a large section of the people feel the railway coach factory would add more benefits to the state's industrial development and economic growth. When a privatized Nano could be seen as an economic booster, why can't a Government operated railway coach factory serve as a launch pad for an economic boom in the state? The deal was almost closed with the Central government all set to bring in the machineries into the state to start with the construction works. This was when Mayawati started to stand strong against the whole picture and now she protest against the construction of a factory in the state, which she says would make hundreds of farmers jobless since their lands would be acquired by the Government for placing the ancillary plants which are required for making a complete railway coach factory. I can't find a reason as to why Mayawati didn't think of such a reason before she transferred the land and I wonder where were these groups of farmers at the time of transfer. This puts Congress at one end of a rope and Mayawati at the other. Congress has now approached the Supreme Court to make the land transfer valid. This is where the tug of war begins. We need patience to see all the funny developments that will take root from here as the causes of Sonia-Maya effect, which can otherwise be called the 'Soya' effect. Now, the issue has turned into an ugly political game between the Congress and Mayawati who has lately started concentrating more on minority vote banks than the state's interest and development.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bore well or a graveyard?

Today, a tragic incident caught the nation's attention. Sadly, a 2 year old boy died after he tumbled into a 150 feet deep bore well, which was under construction by the corporation near Agra. The corporation, during the course of digging a bore well, made sure it serves as a burial ground for this 2 year old innocent child who never even understood what life really is. The happy couple was having a chat within the house while their son was playing outside. Unfortunately, the devil's mouth in the form of the bore well invited Sonu, who never knew he was just 100 hours away from death. After finding his uncertain path through the well, Sonu hit the bottom and fortunately survived the blow. Everyone in the neighborhood started searching for Sonu and finally the well came to their minds and that was when they decided to go for the army men's assistance to bring the child out of the well alive. The military arrived at the spot as early as possible and used all the heavy metal machineries to rescue Sonu without a scratch. But, they had a problem with the mud which was too slippery and lose. Hence, heavy machines were taken away from the area. Now, they were to go into the operation manually which took longer time before they brought out Sonu's dead body out of the well. Hundreds of army men were involved in the operation and they feel that this is one of the major rescue operations they had been involved in. Unfortunately, it ended in a sad note. The army toiled really hard to rescue the child safely from the depth at which the oxygen content was extremely low. Had Sonu been alive, this would have been the happiest and proudest moment for the army people. But, Sonu's fate in the darkest depth of the well stole this precious moment from the army and ultimately brought his life to a tragic end. May Sonu's soul rest in peace!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Is Big-B really a big deal now?

The N-Deal between U.S and India has finally reached the final phase after crossing several hurdles in India and U.S as well. The SENSEX continues to drop heavily and banks are big losers in the country, metal industries being the next in line. India's relationship with Pakistan is deteriorating by every passing day. New group of militants have started making attempts to break the border security across the Indo-Bangladesh border. Indian, who captained a ship that sailed along the coast of Somalia, has been held as one of the hostages by the Somalian pirates for a heavy ransom. Reserve Bank of India has drafted a plan according to which Rs.60,000 crores would be pumped into the system to save the economy from a great fall face first. I would have been happy if the news channels spared a few minutes of their slots for these news. But, they failed to do what they are supposed to be doing being a powerful tool. I bet you won't believe if I tell you what was actually the news the media was covering. Big-B hospitalized after he reported acute stomach pain. Wow! I really wonder whether Big-B's stomach pain has got anything to do with the nation's economic crisis. There are several important national issues to discuss about. Indian news channels have become a promotional platform for Bollywood movies and Bollywood stars and thus, it has become easy even for stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, the so called Big-B and other kids to reach the apex of popularity. Indian news channels, especially Times Now, have lost their dignity and pride. They have nothing left to lose and they have become totally unreliable and most of the times, they are found to mislead people by spreading false information or in other words, rumors. It's very important for media to prioritize the news they get and the national news should always take the first place. I don't think Big-B's stomach pain is a national news. Even if it's something our Honorable Prime Minister suffered, it can't become one by any chance. Blowing up even the smallest information and projecting it as something really important has become the job of Indian English news channels. The duty of media in any country is to connect the world to the masses. But, in India, media has completely gone out of the course and it is toiling to connect rumors to the people of India!

Debacle and stabilization..

The Australian tour of India kicked of couple of days back with the first test. Australians started their campaign by placing Hayden on the front line. But, Kangaroos slipped off the course with Hayden throwing away his wicket to Zaheer Khan in the very first over of the innings. Ponting claims that Hayden never managed to make a contact between the ball and his bat which sounded absurd after watching the replay several times. This wasn't the first time Australians were found getting their hands on dirty tricks to psychologically strengthen themselves. This seemed to work at the beginning of every series Australians play. But, at the end of the series, Ponting will be found biting his nails during presentation ceremony when the trophy will be handed over to the opponents. History repeats itself and I strongly feel history repeats itself in this series again. Indians always used to be the jittery during the first match of the series. After that, they manage to pull up their socks and put up great fight backs that would almost make the opponents, especially Australia, feel they are nothing more than minnows to India. Australians in the past had faced so many such shameful defeats in the hands of Indians and still they brag they are the best in the world with no one behind them to treat them that way. This is called the Australian attitude that has been prevailing in the Australian dressing room for more than 4 decades now. The so called mighty Australians piled up a total of 429 on day 2 at a run rate slower than any other established team would have managed to come up with and started to greet the Indian batsmen by making them take most of the deliveries across the rope. Ponting was clueless since the openers took the score to 68 in no time and that was when luck came Ponting's way. India lost the first wicket. After that, wickets were lost at regular intervals and Australians were found rejoicing even for removing batsmen like Sachin and Laxman who are completely out of form. This reflected Australians' desperation after toiling hard under the hot sun to remove the batsmen from the cards. When Ponting was about to have a sigh of relief, the bolt from the blue came in the form of Bajji and Zaheer, who pulled up a partnership of 78 out of the bag. I saw Ponting sweating out all his efforts to remove them but everything went down the drain. Bajji was found walking down the pitch at few occasions and take Lee and Watson to the task. Finally, Australians started sledging and Haddin set on the Australian tradition of negative sledging by making an attemp to annoy Zaheer who was never seemed to be kept down by the Australian bowlers. The bowlers were treated like small boys who play at Marina early in the morning. At the end of day 3, India lost 8 wickets for 313. Kumble and Zaheer are at the cross. I am eagerly waiting for day 4 since I want to see Zaheer irritate the bowlers by positive sledging , unlike Australians,which is legal according to ICC.

Bengal reckons bad time..

West Bengal is having a really tough time. The bad has now transformed into the worst for the state. It's not a surprise though, because such unprecedented incidents are quite common in states ruled by the Communists in India. In such states, people should be held responsible for their misery. Believing in the capabilities of Communist Party of India is a blunder and the bigger mess up was brought down by the people of these states by giving the Communists of India the privilege to govern the regions. Now, they are paying through their noses to compensate for the unforgivable gaffe which resulted in the slow economic progress in the states that come under the Red umbrella. As a result, the country's overall economic progress would have been hampered at least to a small extent. First, it was Tata's Nano project which was literally thrown away by the Government of West Bengal just because it failed to control the so called raging opposition in the state. Mamata Banerjee should be considered here for playing the role of a screw driver extremely well. She drafted the entire plan to screw the state, knowing pretty well that the ruling communist party is totally incapable of handling such pressures. She very well knew communists are here only to print blood red posters and wear a red dress during protests against privatization, start giving lectures to a huge mass against whatever the Central Government sometimes plans for the welfare of the nation which is quite unusual. What can you expect more from a state ruled by such an inefficient group of political anomalies? If Nano had been rolled out from West Bengal, the state would have enjoyed so many advantages. Now, successfully communists spoiled the supper by being too hesitant to take a clear decision. Meanwhile, Tata, who considers time precious unlike politicians, made decisions briskly and decided to move to Gujarat which accepted to provide 1000 acres of land for the installation of an auxiliary plant. The voice of the communists in Gujarat was as low as my kitten's mew. That was where Gujarat rose above West Bengal. Another inauspicious blow for West Bengal was Ganguly's announcement regarding his retirement after the on going Test series against Australia. With days becoming more gloomy and uncertain for Bengal, nobody can tell for sure what would take the state through another twist.

Meltdown chills down..

Finally, the hopes on stocks are increasing. Bombay Stock Exchange witnessed some good moments after almost a series of stock market crashes in various forms. Now, all those who rely upon stock market as their only source of income can have a sigh of relief. The pressure has been vented out very carefully by the Finance ministry of India. Applauds to the Finance Minister who has, for once, been so strong in his position and kept supporting the markets all the time with positive comments. His words gave the investors all the confidence they needed to make sure stock market is still the best place for investing their immense wealth. SENSEX shot up to 15,000 few months back and that was when inflation started going down marginally. Suddenly, the effect of Western policies on trade and commerce resulted in the increase in the strength of U.S.D against INR which set the spark for the inflation to reach an index that has never been touched before. When I expected inflation to reach 15% in another couple of months, I was surprised yesterday to find the figure actually going down. There was a marginal fall in the inflation figure and at last, it reached 11.8% yesterday after a long period during which the prices of fuel and food was going up faster than Ferrari. But, there is an aspect of the market which I don't understand even after putting my mind on it for a very long time. American economy is crashing down fast and inflation in India has showed some sign of recovery. Then why did the value of U.S.D go up against I.N.R? Inflation directly reflects the value of currency. If inflation goes down, the value of I.N.R should actually go up but it is happening the other way. Everything is going down in India! Soon, we can expect the prices of all the commodities to go down. Let us hope the day is just too closer from her.

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