Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pointless Punter's tamed team..

It's quite usual to find Ponting, who Australians call a cricketer, come up with strange issues totally irrelevant to what he is involved in at that point of time. When the first test between India and Australia ended in a draw, Ponting started throwing ridiculous comments at the Indian cricket. When India won the second test in a great style making way for the second biggest victory in terms of the difference of runs, Ponting's nerves felt the chill and he was desperate to antagonize the Indians through his comments during press conferences. The first allegation proved that Australians are no more with their minds on the ongoing series but have started concentrating on proving the world not that they are the best but India is not the best. Now, it was time to make a big move and Australians knew they could do nothing about the game since the series was almost out of their reach. This time, they had no reasons to point to India since the Indians were flatly flawless in the game and the backstage comments during press conferences as well. Indian press conference saw replies from the Indian captain staying at the peak of optimism for the next game while the Australian captain left his mind wander along the past where Indians and Australians almost had brutal statements for each other. While Indians changed their mentality to quit making childish allegations against their opponents, Australians were never in a position to grow up and learn the word 'MATURITY'. Finally, the grand knockout blow from India came in the last test, which most thought would go the Australian way. The game was carried on till the last day and at last, Aussies' tombstone was erected right in front of a large crowd and what came with it was the downfall of Australian attitude and negative aggression. Now, Indians have prove to the world cricket is really a gentleman's game.

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