Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Questions that return no answer..

I've been busy applying mind on what is happening in the Indian political arena. Since the stage was too big and mind boggling, I jumped out of it and started thinking about the funny political ideologies that are followed in Tamil Nadu not only by the politicians, but also by those related to Film industry. Today, I was watching this news cut on reservation in India for people belonging to minority groups. As usual, I yawned more than twice watching the politicians play the trick on these minority people, who think the Government is really trying hard to restore equality in the society. Tamil Nadu's Chief minister has stated that :

"Tamil people can't be separated by religions and they will never brook anything to come as a threat to the harmonious environment in Tamil Nadu"

I don't why politicians release such futile statements which contradict all their actions in the past and the present. My question is, if Tamil Nadu Chief Minister feels religion should not become a factor to divide people, then what is the need for reservation? Even reservation acts as a tool that divides people into several castes, which once again points towards division among the people. If he feels equality is the need of the hour, then why is he so stubborn in his stand to make Tamil Nadu the only state where reservation percentage is as high as 65? Why is he trying to divide the people on the basis of reservation using their castes? Isn't abolition of reservation necessary in order to eradicate partition based on caste? By voicing up for reservation, the Chief Minister is actually confusing the people by not letting them know what he is really trying to do.

During one of his speeches, he mentioned that Brahmins are traitors who have let down Tamil and are more inclined to Sanskrit. I can understand there is no chance of a man, who was once a barber, knowing more about the ancient literatures scripted in Tamil which sing the praises of Vishnu. I guess this man has no knowledge of Alwars and Nayanmars. The works of twelve Alwars are immense in number and all their works are in Tamil, which can't be completely translated by anyone who has great expertise in Tamil because, the words which are used by these devotees of God are extremely old and most have them have already vanished from usage. Thus, I can come up with strong and undeniable proofs to show the world that Brahmins are actually the only ones who toiled to keep the heartbeat of Tamil flicking and not this guy who Governs Tamil Nadu, though he calls himself 'Kalaignar'. I wonder why he should even be called one. If haircut is an art, I can spend time to think whether he should really be called a 'Kalaignar' for he might be as bad at haircut as he is at politics.

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