Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Past, Present & Future

“One of the most brilliant and astounding topics to talk about is the ‘Time’”

This is how the teacher started the class when she planned to teach her students something related to time.

She proceeded, “You all know why? Nobody knows the answers for questions regarding time that begin with ‘where, when, who and what’. Because, noone knows what lies in their future. Nobody remembers everything that happened in their past. Nobody knows when exactly the universal time started. Nobody knows…..hmmmm” She gave a slight grin at Mickey who was munching something.

Mickey immediately realized from the sudden silence of the teacher that something has gone wrong in the class. In an attempt to hide all those left outs inside the draw, he spilled the water in his water container on the floor.

The teacher, at the pinnacle of her anger, asked him to stand up and explain to the class what he had been doing all these time when she was spending all her precious time explaining about time. Teacher reacted “What was going on there when I was struggling here to push something into all the 32 heads?” Mickey, with a low voice replied “Ma’am, I was doing something to understand time” Teacher responded “Oh. Okay. Can you tell us how?” .Sarcastic. The smart kid spontaneously started off with an explanation “You see. It’s indeed an interesting and astounding topic like you said” Teacher “Come on dear. Explain it.” Again, she had a sarcastic tone. Mickey decided to take a chance and started speaking out “Ma’am, I go with you completely for your statement which was ‘Nobody knows about their future and nobody remembers everything that happened in their past. Everything is fine. I was thinking over it”.

He continued “In the past, I never knew that in the future, which is my present now, I’ll be eating in your class. Now, at present, which was my future in the past, I didn’t expect a teacher to question me for eating in the class. I’m really not scared of being punished in the future for, I would be punished which would become my present in the short future and becomes my past as soon I suffer it. I’m so confident about the future since I know what you would have decided to do with me in the future at present which would be my past in the future and I’m so confident that it would soon become the present, which is the future at this moment, and it would soon turn out to be my past. I even wonder if I could repeat what happened in the past, which is also the past at present, in the future, then will I be given the same punishment which you would be giving me in the future, which is of course the future of the future? In this case, the mistake I committed in the past becomes my action in the present, which is the future at present, and I would be punished in the future, which is also the future of the present. So…” Tweety birds started circling the teacher’s head and she started speaking “Mickey, I understand….” Mickey never gave the teacher a chance to interrupt him and he proceeded “I would like to remind you that in the past, which was the future at that time, when I tried to interrupt while you were talking, without realizing what’s going to happen in the future at present, which is now the past, you immediately stopped me at that time which was the present at that time, and it was also the future of the moment when I tried to interrupt you and it ultimately became the past in the future, which is the past now. So, ma’am, I kindly request you at present which was once the future, not to interrupt me in the future until I complete explaining you about my understanding of the past, present and the future, which was the topic you were about to explain in the past, which was the present in the past and which is right now the past. I’m not sure whether you would teach us about the ‘Time’ in the future, which, if you do, would become the present in the future, and also the past in the far future. Thank you for accepting my request in the past, which was the future at that moment, of not interrupting me while I carry on with my explanation.” Teacher, who was sweating profusely, remained silent for a moment.

The whole class was struck with dull silence. It gave everyone the feeling they would have had if they had been standing next to a railway track with a train moving fast on it for few minutes.

After recovering herself from what had just happened, the teacher said “Mickey, you really think I would like to carry on with this topic after all these terrible things that happened just a few moments back? No way. I have no idea what this should be called” One student raised her hand, stood up and told “ma’am, you should call it the future right? Because, Mickey was talking about this thing in the future which is the past now and…” even before the girl could complete what she had in her mind, the teacher strated screaming. “OHHH MY GODDDD!!!!” those were the last words which the teacher spoke before she ran out of the class which was the present at that time and which was once the future when Mickey was explaining about the past, present and the future, which is now the past.

Time is indeed an interesting and astounding topic. Moral: Use the past, present and the future properly and JUDICIOUSLY in order to make the teachers flee away from the class.

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