Monday, September 15, 2008

Shaky Shivraj..

Now all the eyes are fixed on the Union Home minister Mr.Shivraj Patil. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr.Narendra Modi alleges he had warned the home ministry about possible bomb blasts in the capital. I don't know for what reason Patil snubbed the information. May be he was a staunch Congress part member who wanted to keep his ears shut for what a BJP member has got to tell. But, this isn't petty political issue. It's a matter of 100s of lives. But still, Congress people proved that they can do politics over almost anything. Their egoistic trait charred some of the crowded places in the capital. Now who is to be blamed? If Mr.Narendra Modi claims that he had already warned about the terror attacks beforehand, Congress will hit back saying that Modi has turned Gujarat into a hell for minorities and killed secularism in the land where Hindus are given more importance. Are these people out of their senses? What has that got to do with the Delhi blasts? UPA people count nothing more than minority votes. To get them, they would go to even the extent of providing reservations for muslim terror outfits in educational institutions and Government offices. UPA will never accept their fault and always try to defend their Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil. (UPA members don't deserve Mr or Mrs in front of their names. Do they??? :P) A second attack on Shivraj comes from the media. These media people are so damn crooked that they had noticed this man changing his attire thrice on the day the bombs went off in Delhi. Media is losing its face in front of the Indian people and it has nothing more to lose now. With this being the state of media in the country, it's losing more of its credibility by focusing its attention on irrelevant happenings. What has Shivraj's attire got to do with the attack on Delhi which was actually the incident which the news roll was aiming at. Media and politicians are the eyes of a nation. Now, this nation is completely blind. SC has rightly thrown out a statement which really holds good in this country :

"Not even God can save this country"

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