Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time to say good bye..

Finally, my expectations were defeated in my house last night at 7. I love kittens and especially the ones that were with me till yesterday. Putting a denial in front of you against the fact that my parents and I faced a lot of problems because of these kittens will be totally unfair. I do accept that we were on a S**T job till yesterday. But, they are 3 month old kittens. It's hard and unacceptable to expect discipline and good behavior from them. Their actions can be justified when we consider the moments when we totally forgot what discipline really means. I can prove anyone who says the kittens are bad wrong because they are not really bad. They are kittens. They are innocent except for when they run behind their preys. That is their way of life. That is how they are calibrated by God to live. The mother gave birth to 4 cute and adorable kittens 3 months ago. About 50 days back, the eldest kitten, which I call that way keeping in mind its size and weight, passed away after suffering almost for a week from some bacterial infection. I dug him a graveyard in my backyard and gave him a muddy send off party. I still remember his eyes. They looked innocent and tired. After making sure that wouldn't happen again to any of the remaining kittens, I was determined to grow them till they became independent. They grew up. They were with me till yesterday. I knew it was time to get them over to a safe place so that all the discomforts my parents felt with 3 kittens at home would be thrown away. I even decided a safe place for these kittens near my friend's place. I chose that place because it was dark, safe and closer to my friend's place, which I visited habitually. I wanted to make sure I see them grow though they couldn't be kept at my place anymore. When I came home to get these kittens readied for a journey they have never been on in their lives, I found two of the kittens missing already. I understood what could have happened in my absence. My parents took the kittens to a not so posh area near my place and set them free. They say they set them FREE. They never knew they have toppled the lives of two small creatures. The third one was so lucky that my parents couldn't get their hands on it since it is a hyper-active kitten and is the eldest now. Now, all that I am left with in my place is a kitten who is still searching for his sister and brother. I hope the other two lives as long as the cat with the longest life on Earth lived.

The playboy police..

Yesterday, Tamil Nadu witnessed the incapable and inefficient act of Tamil Nadu Police department. Honestly, the cops never acted appropriate to the situation and they stood watching the incidents which shouldn't have been allowed to be staged within a college where Law lives. Dr.Ambedkar's Law college is one of those average law colleges available in the state where reservation plays a bigger role than law. Hence, reservation gave way for hooligans to enter the college in the name of students. I don't know what the issues were all about. But, I could see few arrogant and uncontrollable brutes attacking fellow students using highly dangerous weapons. A student was viciously attacked by the group of people whose appearances were not even a step closer to students. The student tried hard to protect himself from these ruthless criminals who seemed too brave when several around them are there to support them. They think world would place them as high as Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander. But, they never realized the fact that they are actually cowards who tried to attack weaker people in groups. When these cowards were busy with the brutality, the policemen watched the happenings without a motion. I was watching these incidents on the TV and these policemen were watching it it live. Then how can you call me different from these pathetic creatures in khakis? Give me a good reason to differentiate me from these policemen. I don't understand what the Police department is trying to do. They catch hold of people who don't follow traffic rules but they let go those who produce extremely violent actions in front of them. Our policemen need a little tweak-up and they should be taught what they are supposed to do when they are in khakis. I guess movies like 'Khaaka Khaaka' and 'Vetayadu Vilayadu' carried these policemen away and they are now too far from their actual jobs. I really doubt who these people are who called themselves students. Are they followers of a political party and is it that why the policemen didn't take any actions to curb the unfortunate incidents that took place in front of them?

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