Friday, October 24, 2008

Questioning from the tainted side..

The hot news of the day is someone from the most arrogant, unmindful and tainted cricketing team in the world has come up with an issue that is totally against the fact, which is very obvious. People are convinced that the allegations from this man, who is known by the name Adam Gilchrist, from Australia are baseless and against reality. It's quite natural to find an internationally popular personality getting on to his nerves as soon as he goes on air in front of a TV camera. But, Gilly was completely enthusiastic while penning his autobiography, which paved the way for him to take on the little master, Sachin Tendulkar. Gilchrist completely annihilated the fact that the Australians were solely instrumental in building the technique of sledging so strong. Also, the Australians made the term 'Mind games' more popular than the name 'George.W.Bush'. Mind game is the filtered term they used to cover up their negative and filthy aggression. No one could stand a player from such a ruthless team talking rudely about the greatest cricketer of all times. Silly Gilly alleged that Sachin contradicted himself while he appeared for the Bhajji's trial in front of the board of umpires and that he tried to protect Bhajji. Finally, this man came up with a harsh statement that questioned Sachin's honesty. Why couldn't Gilchrist remember the Sharjah series between the two countries when Sachin walked out even when umpire didn't raise his crooked finger? Does Gilly even really qualify to spell the word Honesty when he couldn't remember what happened to Indians in their recent tour of Australia? It was Gilly's captain who took the additional responsibility and told the umpire the catch was clean. Where was Gilly's honesty at that moment? Players, after moving away from the game, should try staying away from such careless comments also. Gilly's arteries went down in the quantity of tequila which he had before sitting with the pen and a book to scribble his biography and he realized he did something wrong few moments back. That was when he called up Sachin and apologized for going beyond the limits by calling him a 'sore loser' and quoting that it is very hard to find Tendulkar in the dressing room for a handshake after the game ends in a high note for Aussie. This is now very funny. Sachin has nothing to lose and the world now knows who acted like a jester in this issue. Gilly has everything to lose. He has just started to lose his fame and glory that he earned while he was online even though he was under the umbrella of pointless Ponting.

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