Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our commandos command respect..

Applauds and praises are flooding the houses where the brave commandos live. Extremely joyous family members welcome these appreciations with great satisfaction and tremendous pride. All the disturbances that rippled on the minds of the family members of these brave hearts finally came to an end when the commando forces joined hands with the National Security Guards and the Marine Commandos to pin down the cowards who took everything they had on innocent and defenseless people within the three major star hotels in the city. The battle between the security forces and the pests who called themselves terrorists lasted for more than 60 hours and finally, the MARCOS along with the commandos put a hard end for the battle by slapping down the face of terrorism. Thus, terrorists and terrorism are made to lick the Indian boot. I was so worried about the lives of the commandos which had been put on line to save the hostages inside the hotels. So, I stayed awake for the night and closely followed all the developments which were brought to me by the news channels. For once, I accept these channels proved good. I was shocked to hear the sounds of gun fire and blasts because I wasn't sure who was being shot since the media crews were not allowed to get into vicinity of the Taj Mahal hotel. Suddenly, I saw someone throwing a dead man's body out of the window. Since this man was completely dressed in black, I felt bad assuming he is a commando. Later, when the NGS DG addressed the media, he clarified it was the body of one of the terrorists. I felt heartened because I saw a terrorist being thrown out like a dead dog by the invincible commandos of India. At last, the place was cleaned completed of terrorist pests and our heroes came out of the building carrying the look of victors. Thus, India has literally slapped hard on the face of terrorists and sent a strong message to the Deccan Mujjahiddins, which is "TERRORISTS ARE STRAY S.O.Bs AND WE ARE HUNTING THEM DOWN FAST". The encounter has added a diamond to the crowns of the commandos and now they can make new boots from the skins of the terrorists they hunted down in the past three days!

The alcohol effect..

Most of you might know what it would feel like to taste an alcoholic substance or beverage like brandy or vodka. These alcoholic beverages make you look so funny and whatever you do after consuming alcohol would, for sure, entertain the others around you. I had been to pubs several times and I have seen people becoming too emotional after few shots of vodka or any other alcoholic drink for this issue. I don't understand why they turn emotional when they are completely out of their senses. Another characteristic feature of alcohol consumers is they lose control over themselves and they would find it really difficult to stop with the last shot they had. Thus, if a person has a peg of brandy and flies away out of the world to the heavens, as described by most drunken dudes, he would not think twice to go for another shot even if he had built a strong principle of not going beyond the alcoholic edge while and before entering the pub. Hence, he forgets his own principles and self-built rules and won't hesitate to go for as many shots at the alcohol as possible, no matter how much his wallet can handle. Another set of people are those who don't like the way alcoholic beverages taste but try them just to experience the 'HEAVENLY DELIGHT', as defined once again by alcoholics, at the end of the shot. Some people like the smell of alcohol and they drink voraciously just to bring everything that went in them out through the process called 'VOMIT'. (Disgusting??? Sorry. Can't help it.. :P) Recently, when I went to a pub, I happened to get the sight of a man who, I suppose, had already crossed several shots of brandy. Suddenly, his unsteady eyes threw a stare at me. I knew I shouldn't have looked down upon him like that. He gestured at me in attempt to get to know what was so interesting about him that made me turn my attention to him. That was when I decided not to take my eyes on any of those within a pub. Apart from these, so many other funny incidents can be experienced when you meet an alcoholic gentleman. The best of all these traits of a drunken man in Tamil Nadu is that he would start delivering movie dialogues, imagining he is the hero of the hour! If you get a chance by your luck, do meet a drunken man and you would realize what real entertainment is!

Reload yourself

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The Ironman..

You would have watched the movie Ironman. I liked this movie since I loved the way Robert Downey Jr. had played the role of Tony Stark. I found his French beard and hairstyle really adorning. But, I would like to disclose the fact that you won't find anything related to that movie in this post. If you are searching for a movie review, please quit reading further. In this post, I would be discussing about an interesting character, who lives very closer to my place. A family consisting of a dad, a mom and a younger brother is all that he owns apart from the half trousers and shirts which he puts on. He is a puny guy whose life runs on alcohol. In fact, I should say his life is swimming across an ocean of alcohol.:P Whenever we take the game of cricket to the street, we would lose at least 2 minutes because of this guy, who needs a lot of time to walk from one end of the street to the other since the path he follows would be totally uncertain and even God doesn't know what he would step on the next moment. Some of my friends even admire this guy because no matter how much alcohol occupies the small space provided by his stomach, he would still walk, though not along a straight path. Sometimes, he would even encourage the cricketer within him by grabbing the cricket bat from us and commands the bowler to bowl the best delivery he could! It was almost 11P.M last night when I went out to get some bananas which would make good food during late night blogging. I found this guy talking something to the Deity inside a small temple at the end of the street. After passing by him, I heard a sudden thump behind me and I turned around to find the man lying down with his back flat on the ground. I wasn't in a position to help him get on his feet because I feared my dad would suspect me for drinking! Hence, all that I managed to do was to give job for my 1.3 Mega pixel mobile camera. Here is the picture that shows you the Indian version of Ironman!

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