Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inconvenient insensitivity..

When it comes to creating turmoil in the state and eventually across the whole nation, and threatening the allies, no one come closer to even the foot of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, which works under the cap of Karunanidhi, who doesn't seem to possess even a hint of mercy for the Central Government as his name proclaims. The economy is hitting rocks and going out of proportion every second. This has kept the Central Government extremely busy in searching for an alternative to pull the nation out of the trench. At such a crucial point of time, the irresponsible Government of Tamil Nadu under Karunanidhi's inefficient leadership has started pressing its requirements hard on the desks of Central Government. I never knew D.M.K people are so ignorant that they never understood that India and Sri Lank are two different countries. The party expressed itself to be furious over the deaths of thousands of Tamil people in Sri Lanka in the regions occupied by the Tamil Tigers, who are nothing but militants fighting against democracy in the country of Sri Lanka. D.M.K came up with a senseless idea to appease the tamil people which is to force the Central Government to stop aiding Sri Lanka in its battle against Tamil people of the land. When it happens in Sri Lanka, it is left to the Government of Sri Lanka to scrutinize the situation and proceed with necessary measures. How can a human, though a barber in the past, be so stupid to ask the Government to interfere in the internal affairs of a neighboring country? A political party can't be so idiotic to support a bunch of people in some other country, who are suspected to stir the already hostile environment to intensify the battle between the Government and the Tamil tigers, who are considered as terrorists in Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi is holding the wrong end of a hot rod and has gone out in support of those in Sri Lanka just because they speak the same language as we do in Tamil Nadu. People are not sure whether Karunanidhi is aware of the fact that he is supporting a group of people, a part of which supports the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers or most popularly, TERRORISTS. Now, the reason behind D.M.K's loud cry for the cessation of POTA is quite clear. It was D.M.K which once hoisted its voice to declare Tamil Nadu as an Independent country free from India and unite it with the governance of Sri Lanka. This might just be the beginning of a second attempt that D.M.K is making to commit more blunders than ever before in the piece of land obtained by merging Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka together.

The God with a bat..

When the whole nation is worried about the gloomy twists the economy has been going through, a momentary relief came in the form of a guy from Mumbai. When he was as young as 17, he stepped into the world of cricket and started his journey as the most successful cricketer ever. The cricketer of the millennium, Sir. Donald George Bradman, had met this young cricketer so many times after his extraordinary performances. Thus, he made sure he meets The Don of Cricketing world habitually by holding on to his class in cricket. Sir Don Bradman had also mentioned that if there could be anyone who is capable of bringing down all his records in cricket, that would be this young boy who he met frequently. Such is the talent of this boy who has been ruling the bat and the ball for more than 18 years now. He is now 36 and he still looks the way he appeared when he first entered the ground. Today, he is the reason behind the smiles and joy millions of people in India. He is now the God of Cricket and I respect him more than anyone else in the business. So, it's appropriate for me to stay away from using this God's name which is my attempt to pay the rightful respect the God deserves. Today, he managed to cross the magic figure of 11,953 and the nation had been waiting for more than two test series for the master batsman to achieve this landmark. It has never been easy for this legend to stay at the crease for a long time because the opponents would always be keener in making him remove his helmet, which he does in the dressing room only after throwing away his wicket, than winning the game. That makes him more precious than the game. But, he is a skillful sculptor who carefully shaped every single innings he played. That makes the job tougher for the opponents. No matter how hard and efficient a bowler is, unless luck saves him, he can't even think of toppling the Little Master's wicket. Today, he has proved his worth yet again by becoming the highest run scorer in test matches, surpassing another legend's record score of 11,953, who is from West Indies. A single blog post is extremely meager to talk about the achievements of a cricketing legend who is set to break almost all the possible records with the bat. But, by not addressing to him on my blog, I would be doing an injustice to the nation and a really talented cricketer who has all the recognition one needs in the world.

Warming is harming us..

Today, the need of the hour is a proper understanding of the causes and effects of 'Global Warming'. My definition of Global warming is:

"It is the process of converting Mother Earth into planet Venus"

Let us take a look at the effects of global warming so that we can expect a tinge of seriousness in us when we study the causes.

Can you imagine pushing your life on Venus, which is often referred to as the Sister planet of Earth, that has a surface temperature of about 500 degree Celsius?? This is what is exactly happening to our Earth. The Earth's average surface temperature has risen by 2 C` in the past 500 years, which may sound small considering the time it has taken to rise from 13 C` to 15 C`. But, it has a number of hazardous effects on Earth's health. The rising global surface temperature is the main cause for melting of polar ice caps, which house some of the largest glaciers on Earth. This has triggered the increase in the sea levels. If this state continues, we can be sure cities like Chennai and New York will turn into civilized seabed 30 years from now. The problem with Global warming is that it can't be completely controlled because the temperature has already risen and started a chain reaction in the earth's atmosphere as a result of which the amount of Greenhouse gases present in earth's atmosphere is steadily increasing. This means we can expect the temperature to increase at a rate faster than the one at which it has been moving all along.

Now, it's necessary to posses some knowledge about the causes of Global warming.

There are certain gases in the atmosphere like carbon-di-oxide and methane, which are otherwise known as Greenhouse gases. These gases are capable of allowing the infrared radiations emitted by the sun into the earth's atmosphere but do not allow the radiations reflected back from the Earth's surface out of the atmosphere. With no way out, the absorbed heat starts increasing the temperature of the atmosphere which causes a disturbance in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere. This leads to a thermal imbalance in troposphere that once again excites Greenhouse gases and the whole process takes place again in a cycle, which ends only when Earth's life comes to a hot end. In addition to the amount of Carbon-di-oxide present in the atmosphere, the motor vehicles we use, which run on petroleum products, emit a large volume of the treacherous gas that is enough to take the average surface temperature of the Earth to alarming values. Thus, in order to keep the Earth alive for years to come, switching over to battery-powered vehicles is an option we have in front of us today, though it sounds quite tough. Burning fossil fuels adds massive volumes of Greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. But, without coal, which is one of the fossil fuels, the thermal power plants we have would run out of feedstock. Since even a day without power has now become unimaginable, combustion of fossil fuel is a necessary evil. But, we always have the alternatives in the form of renewable resources like wind energy, hydro energy and solar energy. Thus, our motto to save Earth is "When we can, we should". When we can make use of renewable energy sources, we should make good use of them.

Our Mother Earth isn't just a clump of rocks, clay and sand. It's the only place in the vast universe, as far as we know till now, which is highly generous to support our lives. You might find Earth very warm few years from now. Don't think that is because of your realization of Earth's love for you. It would actually be a sign of danger that resulted from all the anti-Earth activities we carried out in the past. It's Global Warming at our doorstep. It's late now. Let us rectify our mistakes before it becomes too late. Responsibility is now in our hands. Save Earth. Save yourself.

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