Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Arrogant atheists..

Atheism has become more a kind of trend for people than what it should really mean to those who call themselves atheists. Opinions differ. Atheists don't accept this. Opinions should be individualistic and one should not try to inflict it on others. Atheists do this. They not only stop with calling God an imaginary creation of man but they also call those who worship God fools and everything senseless.

I am affected..Thanks to the Indian politicians..

There are so many happenings in the country to prove that most of the politicians in India are totally inefficient, incapable and irresponsible illiterates. The American economy seems to be crumbling to pieces but the politicians over there are smart enough to pump $700 billion into the business to save the nation. But, our FM who lauds himself to be a genius when it comes to finance couldn't help the nation by providing proper aides to free it from the tightening clutches of inflation and price rise. All he does every time the media comes with the figure of inflation which keeps rising everyday, is to appear in front of the press and address the nation with a single statement:

"Indian banks and financial bodies are immune to the rising crisis"

May be he is insulated from these problems but not the common man. There were days when petrol was sold at Rs.35 per liter. But, I was so unfortunate that I was riding a bicycle at those times and now, when I love bike riding, my parents are not ready to waste money on petrol since the price has gone up to almost 56. And my bicycle is also rusted now. How can I use it again? Now, all my means of transportation are blocked! This is what our Indian FM has done to me.

Few months back, I made it a habit to play cricket everyday in the morning, no matter what the weather guy told about the weather. Water packets are essentials for us. As a result of inflation, even the cost of a water packet has gone up by 50 paise. It may sound so silly since the cost is too low to compare with what the American Government has planned to invest in the market to bailout the sinking ships. But, when you consider the amplified image, you would find even a single penny making a big difference. Today, once again, our FM has released a statement according to which our markets are stable, strong and sound. Dear FM, if that is the case, can you tell me why inflation is going up faster than NASA's spacecraft and why the food and oil prices have increased by several folds???

Red loses its face..:-P

The situation of the Central Government and the state of the state Governments in India are really pathetic and awful. When other countries are talking about space science, aliens, UFOs and time tunnels, we are talking about 2nd Green Revolution, reservations in educational institutions and other issue that would add nothing to the nation's image in the Internationals arena. The only good development in terms of technical development of the nation came in the form of N-Deal. But, whenever something good happens, a villain jumps into the scene from nowhere. The RED party had no clue about this and they knew the deal would take India to great heights which they don't want to see happening because Politics is their only profession and they can't survive if India develops and people become shrewd enough to understand the technicalities of various advancements in the nation that would be following the deal. Hence, they opposed the N-Deal and made all the possible attempts to tumble the Government which successfully survived the trust vote. Communists in India are made to bite dust and lick the grounds. This is a hard lesson for the communists who are not really following the principles of Karl Marx but have designed their own guidelines flexible to their needs and expectations so that they can make maximum use of the name communism and gain a lot. If there is a big hindrance for the development of the nation, that would be these unwanted elements belonging to the RED party which should immediately be dissolved in order to move closer to the goal of making the country a developed nation by 2020. If this doesn't happen, communists in India would make this country a living hell by talking rubbish and inflicting their shapeless philosophies which are nowhere closer to real communism on the people of this nation. According to real communism, all are equal irrespective of their status. But, our defamed communists feel that all our equal and they slightly take the edge over others by forcing others to follow what they follow and calling those who refuse to do so anomalies of the society. And they call this communism. Communists in India are weeds which should never be encouraged if you want the fields to thrive.

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