Saturday, April 11, 2009

Poker Parade

It was the most memorable day for our family. It was the first special occasion that’s happening in our family. After a year of persuading, finally it happened. Yes, it was Full Tilt Poker Referral Code my brother’s wedding. He, the most admired brother one can have and also the most stubborn son one can have. My brother had a lot of constraints towards choosing the gal and the marriage as well. All credit goes to my mother. She was the one who made the event happen. Breaking all the barricades that was on my brother’s mind and found the perfect gal, for which my brother is still thanking her. Mom was on her toes when it came to my bro’s wedding, because she was very scared that he mite go in for a love marriage. So she was all the more cautious. As she wished, the Full Tilt Bonus wedding was phenomenal event. She was all smiles that day which made us all very happy. She’s the best mom one can have. Three cheers to Full Tilt Poker Referral Code her. Those cheers will be a lot louder, if she changes her attitude when it comes to my marriage because her next target is me and am going to be equally stubborn. I just pray to god that things go my way.


Allvira said...

WOW!!!! You must collect all the memories as you've right now and place it anywhere in you heart. When you'll be get serious then open your heart and you'll be very happy in that situation also. Very interesting.... May your happiness will come again n again.
Gud Luck
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Daniel said...

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