Thursday, February 26, 2009

Direct TV for you..

The TV viewing experience has undergone a dramatic change over the past few years with the introduction of DirectSatTV as they offer superior sound clarity and picture quality when compared to the ordinary cable televisions.The DirectSatTV offers are quite popular among the people as they have the choice to get their favorite channels in a package that is suitable for them.The main advantage of these packages is that it eliminates the need to pay for channels that we need not see or rather don't like to watch most of the times.The money we spend on DirectSatTV deals is really worth paying for because they offer the best services at an affordable rate.It provides an entirely different experience to the viewers with its unmatched quality. What do you prefer? Paying your cable operator to get all the channels without filtering out the unwanted channels which you feel are futile along with some charges that includes some unknown hidden costs or getting your own Direct TV to serve all your needs for a cost that would be very much lesser than what you pay for your car wash every month? Yes. Wait no more. Direct yourself towards the Direct TV today!


Randy said...

I have had a really bad experience with Direct TV. I would not reccomend the service to anyone else again. They charged me 250.00 dollars for a reciever that broke and I threw it it in the garbage. They said i should have sent it back but I didnt not know that would want a broken reciever. I have been a customer for 7 years and would think that that would have been enough to forget about the reciever. I am a unsatisfied customer and want other people to be aware that Direct TV is not what it use to be!!!!! I have already advised a close friend to not sign up with them and with my profession of carpet cleaning I get to see allot of people that are moving and need new service so Direct TV you won the first round but I will win the rest!!
Dish network is allot cheaper and friendlier.

J said...

Direct tv is a rip off offers new customers high definition for life free but wants to charge existing good paying customers for the same service in my case they want a additional $10.00 a month to get h. d. programming they give to new customers as part of their package .
sadly Americas company;s have became a fuck up type of business no longer wanting loyal customers

Larry D said...

I am disgusted, fed up, and just plain pissed off with DirecTV and Dish Network programming. Both of you are showing the same thing over and over and over and over. I know because I was in a cast from June 11-04 until March 26-06 with a shattered Left Ankle and Foot. You have beaten these movies to death Armageddon, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rock, Desperado, Zoro, Independence Day, Bat Man, Spider Man, these are a list of a few I could go on and on forever listing movies that you have worn out. There’s not a week that goes by that you can’t find James Bond on one channel or another or find a bond athon that lasts all-day and all night.
Then there’s the commercials Gieco verses every other insurance co. Scott Trade verses ever other trading co. Pizza Hut verses all the other pizza co. I am sick and tired of seeing Gieco I could scream there is not a channel you can turn to and not find Gieco ever time,
It’s like when you were youngster my brother can beat up your brother-no my brother can beat up your brother and so on and on and so on.
Another thing that pisses me off is on your regular channels you start showing things like CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York NCIS, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU ect. Ect. In the morning about noon you show the exact same thing and around 6 PM you show the same frigging thing all over again.
I know how cable works I used to install it and when it first came out you could not see the same movie over and over you may have to wait months.
Why don’t you get off your dead ass and start catering to your customers?

zerosinfinite said...

Well the above just about covers it...
I too feel the same way, Direct TV robs its customers blind, and thinks it can program us like sheep with their snide commercials. I am dumping direct, which I tried out for the past year now, not due to their stuck up commercials. The content is repetitive redundant and mind numbing. They try to sell you equipment instead of leasing it to you. I have no intention of keeping the equipment if I leave your service... give it to someone else. But you don't want us to you?
For 100$ a month... I should have 3 hd recievers + 1 HD DVR with HD channels and any available on demand versions of the content i have access too... hell should even throw in a single movie channel package with a promotion...
nope for 100+ $ a month we get one HD DVR (NO HD CHANNELS) and two SD boxes , no movie packages..
And no streaming off that DVR at all whatsoever.
So basically we're paying 100$ a month for a standard cable package of about 30$ a month plus 10$ a month DVR service. When I wonder what they're doing with the extra 60$ It becomes clear when I see the fancy CGI in their commercials advertising the very thing I have had to rely on my computers for.
You gotta take care of your current clients technology comes out, and a customer wants to trade in their take it back and trade with them. Time warner does... you can just take the equipment into one of their retail centers and trade it in any time. If the customer is teaching themselves about cutting edge technology, then purchasing it from you and developing a stockpile of outdated equipment, what are we paying you for?
Right now I stream most of the TV shows I watch over netflix.. ten dollars a month.. unlimited access (+ dvd rentals).. television is plugged into the PC ..the audio/visual quality is AMAZING
and the direct TV DVR remains in the family room. The value im recieving from netflix in comparison to direct TV is staggering. Finally direct is offering on demand through Ethernet..understandably limited to boxes with an Ehternet connection..which puts me back to square one..either plant myself infront of the dvr or purchase 500$ in new equipment...yes they quoted me @ 500$

there I feel better =)

zerosinfinite said...
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Hazenson said...

2 weeks and I am gonna dump this crooked company forever! Right from the start they were terrible, broke my new siding during installation and I had to argue with the guy to get it done right. He wanted to do it the fastest,easist way possible. My real complaint is about the service tho, our control box quit working and we went with no cable for 3 weeks. They would continue to install used componates and we were really fustrated by the time it was done. We asked if we could get a credit for the 3 weeks that we had No cable and they were kind enuff to subtract $1.06 per week. At a total of $3.18 per week that we had NO cable at all. Now you know your monthy fees, this was less then the Tax they add. When the final service man came in and finally fixed the issue, he told me that He, himself would NEVER use Direct Tv. Add all the other issues youve read here- with HD charges and poop poor service, 2 weeks and I am soo done with these crooked evil people!!

Larry D said...

Thanks for the input do you know of a web site that I can blog on to reach thousands of people I want to FLOOD Directv and the TV Networks with e-mails telling them just how much they are screwing JOHN Q PUBLIC showing the same thing over and over and over there’s not a week that goes buy that you can't find James Bond on at least 1 channel Star Wars is another the channels from 241 up to some where in yhe mid 300's they show SHIT in the morning again around noon and again in the after noon the same fucking shows thats Bull SHIT.

sigit hermawan said...

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Steve Bumgardner said...

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