Sunday, April 26, 2009

The MailBox

Indian premier league season two has kicked off in South Africa with a grand opening match between The Chennai Super Kings and The Mumbai Indians. But the saddest part of the ipl is that it is not happening in India due to security reasons. But it is totally disheartening for every cricket fan. It is a huge mailboxes loss for the country as well. Reason being inadequate security cannot be accepted, as a nation, I guess it’s the duty of the government to provide security to their citizens. Many address plaques could have made a huge business profit via ipl which made even poor people to earn a living. Last ipl was a mass business income to a lot of people. Definitely ipl 2 cannot see the success that ipl 1 had seen. Already a mailbox posts couple of matches were called off due to weather conditions. The interest in whitehall mailboxes following ipl has definitely dripped at least to a certain amount. The government was totally not supporting their own citizens and bcci was forced to shift the venue with hand in hand support from franchisers. The franchisers definitely need to be lauded for their massive support to the bcci. Hopefully to see ipl 3, the festive season of cricket in India, happening in India.

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