Thursday, December 15, 2016

Turning back and moving forward..

Not so long ago, I was here. A little less than long ago, I wasn't completely here. And for the past few years, I wasn't here at all. Now, I am here with life, my best friend. Quite a bit of a journey, not tiresome at all to tell not the truth ;). A bit tiresome, thanks to whoever occupies the vast emptiness that still remains unconquered humanly but spiritually, for the revival at the most appropriate time in life, again! :-). 

With no knowledge on how to interpret time, I confidently stand upright with my face straight to tell I haven't been lost. As said by may in the vast ocean of past, life is a highway. And I most certainly took it through the countryside for reasons deliberately left for unknown. But, I can assure, as I always did, nothing has transformed into feed for obscurity. It might be the other way. To engulf what was unchained to moderate the best is like, in normal terms, flicking off a spec on the eyelashes. 

Talking of the eyes reminds of all that which don't meet the latter. Those served the fuel once burnt to keep The Cocktail warm. Those kept me heated up, enraged and engaged. Note that I am not an environmentalist talking about global warming ;-)

A self-laid red carpet for a 'warm' homecoming!

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